Scenework : Ensemble Scenes: 5 Min. & Under

Ensemble scenes featuring 3 or more actors timed to be 5 minutes or under.  Ideal for Thespian competitions and performing arts performances.  Listed in order of age.  

Order a Custom Duologue/Ensemble Scene      new!

Do you need a performance scene for a Thespian competition, audition, acting class or workshop? A Custom Duologue or Custom Scene, showcasing your child's strengths, is the perfect opportunity for your child to shine.

Email us pertinent information including ages, length of scene, comedy or dramatic theme, any particular topics or actions you are interested in and Gerrie will work with you to create a unique duologue/scene.

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Custom Duologues/Scenework:     $25.00

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"Flunking Fairy Spells?"      new!

4 Females. Age Range: 6-12. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes

Fairies Glitter, Pip, Snowdrop and Lavender are all attending Fairy School. And Pip is flunking Fairy Spells! Filled with funny, fabulous character moments that allow each girl to shine on stage. 

" . . . . Pip: (suddenly yelling loudly) I’M FLUNKING FAIRY SPELLS?  FLUNKING? (flustered and panicking) What does this mean? Am I going to be kicked out of Fairy School? What will I do? What will I do?  

Glitter: Let me see that. (reading) Congratulations Glitter. You did a wonderful job yesterday.  Your fairy dust sparkled and you created a lovely rainbow out of stardust and moonbeams. (looks up at others proudly) This is great. I don’t understand why you’re upset.

Lavender: (grabbing the paper) You’re only reading the part about you. Let me see it. (reading) Dear Lavender Blue, we love you.  Whether you’re blue or whether you’re green, you’re the best Flower Fairy we’ve ever seen. . . . . . . . "

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"Twinkles"      new!

4 Females. Age Range: 6-12. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes

Dr. Barbie, Evie (a Disney Descendant Doll), and Samantha (an American Girl Doll) welcome a new Doll to their house. Sparkles with personality. 

" . . . . . Dr. Barbie: Yes that’s it, my Steth uh . . . . stepha . . thingie.  Where did she put it?  I’m supposed to wear it.

Evie: Are you sure you’re a doctor?

Dr. Barbie: Of course I’m sure.  I’m Dr. Barbie.  Stylish AND smart.

While Evie and Dr. Barbie have been talking, Samantha has noticed Twinkles back in the corner.  She tiptoes up to her.  Twinkles has been watching Evie and Dr. Barbie talk and has not noticed her.  

Samantha: (suddenly says) Hi!  I’m Samantha.  I’m an American Girl doll.  Who are you?  Are you new?

Twinkles: (is startled and shrieks and jumps as she says) Ahhhh!!!!!!

Samantha: Your name is Ahhhhhh!  That’s a very strange name.  . . . . . . "

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"Pig Power"      new!

3 Females. Age Range 8-12. Total Length Approx. 3-4 minutes.

The Big Bad Wolf is suing the 3 Little Pigs for Personal Injury after huffing and puffing and trying to blow their house down. 

". . . . .Lily: (grabs Lacy’s hand and pulls it down) Why are you waving to the Big Bad Wolf? He wants to blow our house down.  He’s the enemy!

Lacy: You know I’ve been doing some reading Lily and I think the reason Mr. Big is always acting out —

Lily: Acting out?

Lacy: I think he’s lonely.  Maybe he has low self esteem and he just needs someone to give him some positive attention.  (waves to audience again and says) I love your outfit Mr. Big.  You’re looking awesome today.  (does a thumbs up) 

Lucy: (rushing in)  Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. We’re doomed!  Doomed! What will we do? What will we do? . . . . . . "   

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"Bend, Be, Break"      new!

3 Females. Age range 8-14. Total Length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Volleyball class is replaced with Acting Class.  And now the Teacher wants them to "Bend, Be, and Break" dramatically. What is she talking about? 

" . . . . . Liz: I don’t understand. Now we’re supposed to be a tree? How can anyone be a tree? A tree is a plant. It doesn’t have thoughts or feelings. It’s just there.  

Marty: (takes a few steps back and forth as she says these lines) Be the tree. BEE THE TREEE.  (Suddenly put her hands in the air and start swaying) It’s windy. And the wind is pushing me around. But I stand firm. (stop swaying and just stand there with arms in the air) I am the tree.  

Jane:  That’s so good Marty. Let’s see. My tree is shy. (wrap arms around herself) And even though she wants to talk to the other trees, she doesn’t know what to say. So she just wraps her leaves around herself and listens.  (looks out into audience and jumps a little with her arms still wrapped around herself) I’ve got it Ms. Dodd. Look. I am the tree.

Liz: (she has just been standing there as the others become a tree with a confused and disbelieving expression on her face.  Suddenly looks out at audience) Yes Ms. Dodd? Be the tree?  I’m just a little confused about the whole being a tree thing.. . . . . (awkwardly places her arms in air).  I feel like an idiot.. . . ."

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"Eeebar and Oookla"      new!

1 Female, 2 M or F. Age Range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Catherine has been given the job of showing the 2 new students around the school. Eeebar and Oookla are trying to blend in which isn't easy if you're ALIENS!  

" . . . . . Catherine: I’m on the student council and I am also in choir and Drama Club.  We’re having auditions for Peter Pan next Tuesday if you’re interested.  I’m auditioning for Peter. (stand with legs apart and point one arm in air and put other at hip as you say) “Second Star to the right and straight on till morning.”  

Eeebar: (looks alarmed)  Second star to the right? Meepbor?  

Oookla: (frightened) She is a Meepborian?  (start turning in a circle saying in a panicked voice) Haa!  Haa!  Haa!

Eeebar: (grabs Oookla and stops her) Control your bodily unit.  . . . . . . "

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"Go, Go Environment"      new!

1 Male, 3 Females. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

A boring Science Fair presentation turns hilarious when a student team present their entry dressed as Environmental Superheroes. 

"Amanda: Good day.  My name is Amanda River and as part of the Science Fair my group will be doing a presentation on the environment.  . . . . . Um . . . . so . . . . .

Luke: (walks out from one side of stage.  Talk robotically like the Terminator, hands on hips) Earth is being destroyed.  Pollution is killing us. Come with me if you want to live!

Dana: (walks out from other side of stage.  Claps hands and saying singsongy like a cheerleader with each sentence) Let’s get lean!  Let’s go green!  (Jump in air as if doing a cheer)  Go Team Green!

Sara: (walks out to center of stage waving hi) Have you hugged a tree today? Or a bunny? Trees and animals needs hugs too.. . . ."

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"The Great Girl Guides Biscuit Saleoff"      new!

4 Females. Age Range 9 -14. Approx. 4-5 minutes.

What happens when you are determined to win The Great Girl Guides Biscuit Saleoff?  A hilarious planning session with 4 unique personalities offers great comedy moments for everyone.

*This is based on Girl Guides but can be altered to Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookies upon request.

" . . . . . . .Eloise:  Well I'm not really good with the whole "selling thing" so I just gave them to my Mum and she bought them all and gave them to members of the family.  

Madison:  WHAT???????

Eloise:  There's nothing in the rules against your Mum buying all your biscuits.  I just hate asking people to buy things.  It makes me break out in hives.  (Madison is glaring at her) Besides, Chloe only sold 5 boxes.  And she bought them all herself.

Chloe: (shocked)  Eloise!!!  That was a secret. You promised you would never tell anyone.  

Eloise: (cringing) I'm sorry.  Madison was yelling at me and I have no will power. . . . . . .

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"Wands Up"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Three students at Wizarding School are given their first time travel assignment.  One to the 1950's, one to the 1980's and one to the 2050's.  Great character moments!

*Costumes relating to the era each girl is assigned are needed in this skit.

" . . . . . . Abby: What if they scream?  What if they put me in a cage?  What will I do?

Jessica: Abby, you’re a wizard.  If they put you in a cage, just flick your wand and get out of the cage.  

Abby: I don’t like my time period.  I don’t know anything about the 1950's.  (gesture to skirt) Why is a there a dog on my skirt?  Why do they have a song called “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”  Why are dogs so important in the 1950's?

Jessica: Beats me.  I want to know why people in the 1980's dress so weird?  Look at these. (indicate leg warmers) They’re called Leg Warmers.  Why were people’s legs so cold in the 1980's?  

Piper: Come on guys, stop whining.  I’m going to the future and nobody knows the future.  Who knows what I’ll find.  Maybe there are no people in the 2050's.  Maybe everyone is a robot. . . . . . "

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"The First Rule of Swim Club . . . ."      new!

4 Females. Age Range 10 and up. Approx. 3-4 minutes.

4 very different girls are standing in line to join Swim club. Filled with comedy, energy and great characterizations.    

" . . . . Kate: Come on Tessa, you need to let it go. It’s not your fault I beat you. After all, I am descended from a long line of great swimmers. My Grandmother and my Mother are champions.  

Tessa: You beat me once Kate. ONCE. And I’m going to win that race this year. Your championship is not going to last long. 

Olivia: Whoa. Are you sure this is Swim Club and not Fight Club?  

Daisy: Tessa, you can’t swim when your aura is all tangled up like this.  Now repeat the mantra.. . . . . ."

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"The Favorite Disney Princess of All"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Belle, Elsa and Ariel are all entered in the competition to find "The Favorite Disney Princess of All". Full of great character moments.  And there's even a Happy Ending!  

" . . . . .Elsa: This is so silly. Clearly I am the favorite Disney Princess of all time. Everyone knows my song.

Ariel: Everyone knows my song too. It’s one of the most popular auditions for young girls. Full of spunky attitude and lovely visuals.  Did you see my fork?

Belle: Girls, girls.  Let’s not be Gastons about this.  Let’s be logical.  The title is the FAVORITE Disney Princess of all and well (shrugs) that’s me. Everyone loves Beauty and the Beast. . . . . 

Elsa: It’s not about the Prince.  This is about the Princess. I have the best song therefore I am going to win.  

Ariel: You have a great song but I don’t think you’re even the favorite princess in your movie. Everyone loves Anna. She saves you.  

Belle: A fish and a lobster save you.  

Elsa: A bunch of furniture saves you. . . . . . . "

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"Elevator Magic"      new!

1 Male/2 Females. Age Range: 10 and up. Total Length: Approx: 2-4 minutes.

When you're stuck on an elevator with a stuffy British doctor and a perky Southern belle, you will do anything to get out. Including believe in magic.  

" . . . . . Lily: Are the walls closing in?  I cain’t breathe. (Starts hyperventilating a little as she drops to her knees and starts clutching her hands).

Pippa: Can’t you give her a shot or something to calm her down.  She’s going all crey crey.

Sam: (shouting) For the last time, I have a doctorate in LITERATURE.  I can’t give her a shot.

Pippa: Touchy.  Sounds like you’re regretting that choice now huh?  And I thought you Brits were all (British accent) stiff upper lip and let’s all have a cup of tea.  You’re embarrassing your country dude. . . . . "

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"Supers"      new!

4 Females or 4 Males. Age Range 10 and up. Approx. 3-4 minutes.

4 Superheros who have lost their powers try to find a way to get their powers back.  

*Both Male cast and Female cast versions are included in this order.  

"Mighty Miss: Well it’s official.  We’ve been taking off the Superhero list and put on the Inactive list. Blinky slithers over behind Mighty Miss.  Mighty Miss turns around and confronts Blinky holding out one of the papers.) Here’s your official notification.  

Blinkvisible: How did you know I was here?

Mighty Miss: I can see you. 

Blinkvisible: No you can’t see me.  I’m (striking a pose with both arms in a wide V) BLINKVISIBLE. Blink (blink eyes very dramatically) and I turn invisible.  

Veloce: (sitting up) Blinky, we can see you. You’ve lost your powers.  

Blinkvisible: No I haven’t.  I refuse to lose my powers. You’re just guessing where I am because you can hear my voice.  

Veloce: (standing up) Right. And I’m just imagining that I’m no longer Superfast.  (raise both fists up in air in front of chest) I was going to work with THE FLASH. . . " 


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"The Not Withholding Good Squad"      new!

2 Male/3 Females. Age range: 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Handing out free sandwiches and hot chocolate at Christmas time turns into a whirlwind of selfies, sacrifices and one genuine Christmas miracle from the "Not Withholding Good Squad".  A funny, touching scene from a Christian perspective, full of emotions and social media!  Perfect for teen youth groups!  

" . . . . . Sara: Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe it.  I wasn’t even going to come today.  I was so angry.  (suddenly gasps and looks at Max) It’s the verse.

Pippa: What verse?

Sara: “Do not withhold good from those who need it when you have the ability to help”.  If I hadn’t come today, I would have withheld good.

Julie: If you hadn’t come today, I wouldn’t have known or posted about it on Facebook.  And twitter.  And Instagram. And Snapchat. (everyone stares at her) What?  I like social media.. . . . . 

Sam: I thought you didn’t believe this helps anyone.  

Max: Maybe I was wrong.

Sam: Hah!  Max admitted he was wrong.  Tweet that Julie.

Max: Once.  I was wrong once. (To Julie)  Did you really tweet that?  You can’t tweet things like that. . . . . "

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"I Got the Peace!"      new!

3 Male/2 Female. Age range 6-12. Total length: Approx: 4-5 minutes.

Christmas is all about getting your dream toy right?  But when one boy decides to give his dream toy away, it changes everything. Written from a Christian perspective, this funny, sweet scene is perfect for Church productions.  

*Adding additional characters is always a free option with the purchase of any ensemble scene.   

" . . . . . .Jack: What did you ask Santa for this year?  I asked for a Legos Police Station.   

Tim: I asked for a Legos Fire Station.  I’m going to be a Fireman.

Jack: I’m going to be a Policeman.  

Tim/Jack: Saving the World together.  (both pose in studly cop/fireman poses back to back.  Girls roll their eyes)

Anna:  I asked Santa for a Barbie Town House.  It has three floors and an elevator.  

Lucy: I asked Santa for a Disney Princess Royal Cash register.  It has a scanner!    

Anna/Lucy: Saving the World with fabulousness.  (Both pose in drama diva styles)  . . . . . . "

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"Christmas Toy Tales"      new!

5 characters, Male or Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx. 3-4 minutes

It's Christmas at the Resale shop and all the Toys are hoping to be sold.  Filled with great characters and wonderful holiday spirit.  

" . . . . Mickey: Where am I?  What is this place?  I don’t like it here.  I want to go home. 

New toys stir.  GI Joe walks over.  Twin Dolls walk over in step, Sparkle dances over.

GI Joe: State your name, type of toy and former residence.  Mickey: I don’t understand.

GI Joe: (to the other toys)   Signs of resistance.  I repeat, state your name, type of toy and former residence.

Mickey: (big eyes)  I’m Mickey Mouse.

Sparkle: Relax GI, it’s just a new Disney toy.

GI Joe: (suspiciously) How do we know he’s not a spy?. . . . . . . . "

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