Monologues : Drama

Original Dramatic Monologues for Kids and Teens listed in order of age


"A Little Goodbye"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 5-8. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

A child struggles with saying goodbye to a dying Mother. Heartbreaking but full of emotional intensity and honesty.  


"Everyone keeps telling me to be brave.  (Look up)  They say that beautiful Angels are hovering in the air waiting to gather my Mommy in their arms.  They say that today is just a little goodbye and that my Mommy will always be up there with the Angels watching over me.  Then they tell me not to cry.  And I nod and I say it’s okay and I understand and that I won’t. . . . . But I don’t understand.  It’s not okay. . . . . ."

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"An Orphan's Life"      new!

Female. Age range: 5-9. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Peek inside the life of one of the “other” orphans from Annie as she cleans and dreams of a better life. 



" . . . . . I’m not like Annie.  She’s so brave.  She always stands up to Miss Hannigan.  I wish I could do that.  (tilt head to one side) I can see me now.   Miss Hannigan will be yelling like usual.  (make voice sound mean like Miss Hannigan) . . . . . (Brave, determined face)  I’ll walk right up to Miss Hannigan and say . . . . . and say . . . .(face falls back to scared) “Is there anything else I can clean Miss Hannigan?”  (Big sigh)  I try to be brave.  I really do.  But she’s scary.  . . . . . . "



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"I'm Making Puppy Eyes"      new!

Female. Age range: 5-9. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

A little girl does not understand why her parents don't want another baby.  She's even making Puppy Eyes.   

" . . . . .  Why don’t Mommy and Daddy understand?  I want to be a Big Sister.  But they keep saying (spread arms) that I’m the only baby they will ever need. (brings arms to chest) I’m the only baby they will ever want.  . . . . . . (Shake head sadly)  I’m all alone.  Mommy and Daddy play with me sometimes but they’re busy too. . . . . . . . "

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"Leave the Light On"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 6-9. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

When the lights are off, the scary dreams come. Heartbreaking and sweet, this monologue will tug at the heart strings.

A Longer version, approximately 1 and 1/2 minutes, is also included in this purchase.

*Please note the death of a father is mentioned in this monologue.

"Goodnight! (wave goodbye to someone off stage)  Don’t forget to leave the light on. (turn to audience) I have to have the light on.  Because when the lights go off, I have scary dreams. They don’t start scary.  They start wonderful. . . But then everything changes. Suddenly, instead of Mickey, there’s a monster sitting next to me. I scream and scream but everyone just thinks I’m screaming at the ride and no one helps me.  Why won’t anyone help me? . . . . . ."




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"Beyond the Rainbow"      new!

Female. Age range: 6-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Dorothy longs to go back to The Land of Oz.

"Yes Auntie Em.  I’ll be right there.  (looks up as if at sky) The sky is so clear today.  No tornados anywhere.  (forced, perky voice and smile)  Which is great!  Good for the crops. I’m really happy about this.   . . . . (face falls, voice saddens) No I’m not. (Big sigh)   The sky is clear, I’ll go to school, I’ll do the chores and I’ll go to bed.  The same thing I did yesterday.  The same thing I’ll do tomorrow.  (voice angers as fists clench at side)  I hate it!  I miss the Land of Oz.  . . . . . ."

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"Hello Sam. Would You Like A Cookie?"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 6-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Every day a boy named Sam, makes someone give him their lunch.  He's very big and very scary. But what if Sam just wants someone to see him?  A touching monologue about a child who decides to take a chance.  

A Longer Version, approximately 1.5- 2 minutes, is also inlcuded in this purchase. 

"“Hello Sam.  Do you like cookies?” (Shake head and try again in a perky voice) “Surprise!  Cookies!” (Shake head again and then stretch one hand out as if holding a cookie and say fearfully) “Cookie?”  (Big sigh)  I just don’t know how to say it.  There’s a boy in my class named Sam.  And every day he makes someone give him their lunch.  He just walks right up to you and says (sound mean) “Gimme.” (Wide eyes, a little fearful)  He’s very big and very scary. (shrug)  So we always just give him our lunch.   Yesterday he took mine.  I had a PB&J sandwich, apple slices and caramel pudding.  (dreamy) I love caramel pudding.  But Sam said “Gimme” so I did.  (look a little sad)  I was very hungry that afternoon.  Why was Sam always so mean?  . . . "

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"Goodbye To My Tree"      new!

Female. Aged 6-12 Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Leaving your special tree and moving away?  To a new home where you don't have anyone to eat lunch with? The pain of saying goodbye and the fear of the unknown is highlighted in this monologue.


" . . . . . I don’t want things to change. I want to stay here, in my house, with my tree. (Hopelessly) But no one ever listens to what little kids want. My Mom is so happy.  She keeps singing silly songs as she packs.  And I’m glad this move will make my Mom happy but . . . . . I’m scared. (Suddenly blurting this out as if telling a secret)   I’m not going to know anyone there.  What if no one likes me? What if I can’t make any new friends and I have to sit all alone at lunch every day? . . . . . "



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"I Don't Wanna Grow Up"      new!

Male. Age range 8-12. Total length: Approx. 1.5 minutes

A Lost Boy finds himself growing up.  A mix of comedy and drama, this monologue provides a peek inside life in Never, Neverland. 

"I think there’s something wrong with me. Yesterday we played a prank on the pirates. (voice gets sneaky and full of excitement) . . . It’s a little known fact that Pirates are afraid of frogs. We let them loose on the ship and then waited for the Pirates to wake up. “Oy, what’s on me arm?  It’s a frog! (Terrified, jumping around, rubbing arm as if there is a frog on there)  Get it off, get if off!!” . . . . . (confused) But afterwards, I felt strange.. . . . . ."

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"Dreams"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 2 minutes.

A girl ponders what she could be when she grows up. Filled with comedy until the ending where the monologue turns tragic.  Please be aware that this monologue has a DRAMATIC, SHOCKING ENDING.  

A Shorter Version, approx. 1 minute, is also included in this order. 


Do you ever wonder what you are going to be when you grow up? I do. I think about this all the time.

In fact, I have so many dreams that sometimes it feels like my brain is going to explode from all my choices ...


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"Dancing with Fireflies"      new!

Male or female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

A whimsical monologue that explores the power of the imagination.  Written for an audition for the role of JoJo in Suessical.  (PS.  The actor got the part!)  

"Me? No, Mrs. Spencer I don’t have my homework.  But there’s a very good reason.  I was sitting at my desk and then all of a sudden I was flying over the town.  And I knew I wasn’t me anymore.  I was a Phoenix.  And this was my one day to live . . . . . . . I helped a dragon save our town from an evil house dropping wizard and I danced in the sky with fireflies. .  . . . . . . "


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"The Dos and the Don'ts"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

A girl does not understand how anyone deserves to be shot. Passionate monologue touching on the effects of prejudice. WARNING: Mention of shooting. 

*Written for an audition for Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, this monologue requires a Southern accent.

" . . . . . . How can anyone deserve to be shot? I go to Sunday school every week and they’re always talking about love your neighbor.  So I stood up right in the middle of church and asked Pastor Joe if Jesus was love, why would he want people to be shot?  I never heard the answer because my ma and pa grabbed me and hustled me out the door.  And when we got home they told me to git in your room and think about what you just said.. . . . . "



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"Secret Agent Kitten"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Secret Agent Kittens do NOT deserve to die.  Even if they are being sent on a new mission.  Heartbreaking monologue with a happy ending.

A Longer Version, approximately 1 and 1/2 - 2 minutes is also enclosed. 


"Noooooooo!  (Sinks to knees, looks down and then look back up pleading desperately) Please, please God no. (Bite lip, steadying voice) Lilly is dead. My perfect, beautiful, wonderful kitten is dead. (Look sadly into the distance) Pastor Jim says that sometimes bad things happen and we won’t ever understand why and we just have to accept them. (Stand up, voice hardening in anger) Accept them?  I don’t want to accept them. Why are they always telling little kids things like that? . . . . . "


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"I am Spunky, I am Strong"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

A girl decides to spend the night in a "haunted house" to try and get a bully to stop picking on a weird boy.  It might of been a bad idea.  A very bad idea.  

*Actress should speak in a Southern accent.  Written for an audition for Scout in "To Kill a Mockingbird"  (The Directors loved this monologue!)

"So (looking around fearfully, accent the word pretty in the next two sentences) I'm pretty sure there's no sich thing as a haunted house.  And I'm pretty sure vengeful spirits are jist something Bobby saw on a tv show.  (flinch as if hearing a noise, close eyes tight, bring fists up to face with shoulders rounded, hunching in and recite very quickly)  I am spunky, I am strong.  I am spunky, I am strong.  (open eyes look side to side fearfully, taking a deep breath)  That's my mantra. My Daddy says ya gotta have a mantra. If not, (shrug shoulders) you'll jist drift along in life.. . . . . . "

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"Imaginary World"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

When you're young, you don't understand.  You don't understand that the magical, imaginary world your brother lives in, full of wonderful characters, is really a home for the mentally challenged. 


" .. . . . My favorite person was the Professor. He had an invisible time machine and we would travel everywhere. Slogging through deserts, discovering buried treasure . . . . . . . . . . . . When I got older, I found out that they weren’t playing games.  The Professor and the Cowboy and the Cat Lady all lived in an Imaginary world. . . . . . "


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"Save a Puppy, Save the World"      new!

Male or Female, Age range 8-12. Approx 1 minute.

Superhero puppies don't die!  This isn't how Superhero stories are supposed to end.  A passionate, emotional monologue that will showcase any performer.  

A Longer version, approximately 1.5-2 minutes, is also included in this purchase. 

" . . . . . . We just got back from the vet.  Cooper has distemper.  It’s some sort of stupid dog virus that can’t be cured. Like zombies, you get bit; boom you’re dead.  With dogs, you get distemper; boom you’re dead.  Stupid zombie dog disease!  The vet said my parents should just put him to sleep now so he won’t suffer anymore and I should say goodbye. (anger starts to build)  I hate that vet! He kept looking at me with this (make a sad face) sad, sympathetic look on his face and I just wanted to grab him (hands clench in fists at side) and shake him and say DO SOMETHING!!! FIX HIM!!!  He’s a Superhero Puppy.  He can’t die. Superhero Puppies don’t die. . . . . . "


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"Claire"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx 1 & ½ minutes.

Powerful, physical monologue about a sister trying to say goodbye to her older sister Claire, who has died.  

*Written for a Miracle Worker audition for the role of Helen Keller, this monologue is full of passion and pain.  (PS, the actress got the part!) 

" . . . . . (Hold out photo as anger builds in voice) And it wasn’t funny Claire.  Cancer isn’t funny.   (Drop photo) It killed you Claire and you kept making jokes (stamp on foot on photo) and (hands clench into fists rising up a little as you sink to stage) I wanted to shake you and say (glare at photo from knees)  this isn’t funny.   It’s freaking tragic and (at this point hands are flailing about during the I hate its and at last I hate it actress should be lying flat on the stage) I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  (next line is said forlornly from stage) And I hate you because you died Claire.  (slowly sit up back on knees) You died and you left me. . . . . . . "

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"Rowdy"      new!

Male or Female. Age Range 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

What happens when you lose your dog, your best friend in the world?

A Longer version, approximately 1.5 minutes, is also included in this purchase.  


"I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find him. (sink to knees looking out at audience, tiny sad shake of head) And I don’t know what else to do. (Raise eyes up to sky and say imploringly) Please, someone tell me what to do. (Pause and then say passionately) Rowdy, where are you? (stand, take a breath and compose yourself and in lighter voice say) . . . . Rowdy’s my dog. I got him for Christmas this year. My Mom tried to tell me that Santa brought him, but hello? (Little bit of diva attitude in voice) I’m 10, not 2. He listens to all my secrets and always licks my face when I’m having a bad day. (Pause) And today is the worse day ever. This morning, when I woke up, Rowdy was gone. . . . . . . ."

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"Career Day"      new!

Male. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 ½ minutes.

The male version of the monologues "Dreams".  It's Career Day at school and there are so many awesome careers to choose between. 

Filled with comedy until the ending where the monologue turns tragic.  Please be aware that this monologue has a DRAMATIC, SHOCKING ENDING.

Career Day

".. . . Some kids are going with traditional choices like lawyer or doctor. (Rolls up sleeves and plunge hands dramatically into patient as you change voice to stuffy and serious) "Yes, this patient has a ticking bomb implanted in his body but I'm the only doctor who can repair his heart and I will do this surgery even though (change voice to a more emo, sensitive tone with a sensitive face) I'm struggling with a sensitive personal problem right now. (change voice back to dramatic, intense voice) Scapel." Another sensitive doctor? I don't think so. . . . . "


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"Maybe"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 ½ minutes.

A spirited but lonely Russian orphan (accent is not necessary) dreams of being adopted by Americans.  

Also included in this purchase is a more Disneyfied version of the same monologue which includes wishing on a star imagery.


" . . . .(Look around hopelessly) I’ve been here at the orphanage ever so long. And I know it’s better than living out on the street but . . . .(suppressed anger starts to build, eyes welling with tears) I hate it here!  . . . .I have this dream that some day, the Americans will come and pick out my picture and adopt me and take me away from here . . . . Maybe, if I smile my biggest smile they will like me. Maybe they will pick me. I know it’s silly to keep hoping, but I can’t help it. Maybe my dreams will finally come true. . . . "


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"Lost Boy"      new!

Male. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

When his Mother dies, a boy is delighted to join Peter Pan in Neverland.  

A Longer version, approximately 1.5 - 2 minutes, is also included in this purchase.  


" . . . . .I was so sad.  But then Peter Pan came and brought me here.  And now I fight pirates and Indians and play all day.  Now, if I could just figure out how to fly.  Pizza! Swordfights!  Puppies!  (Actor leaps into the air and then sighs exasperated) Nothing.  But I’ll figure it out someday. (Pause as actor looks up into air and softly says)  I’ll never give up Mom. (Look determined and jump in the air as you say) Ice cream!"


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"You Understand, Don't You Mary?"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx 1.5 - 2 minutes.

A lonely girl confesses her feelings to a doll named Mary. Filled with great emotional levels.    

"Don’t cry.  Take deep breaths. (Very emphatically)  Do Not Cry. (Pace a little)  I am so over this.  What gives them the right to judge me and call me names? Maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to twirl around in the middle of the hall between classes.  But I was thinking about the Sound of Music and that part where Maria twirls around in a circle (twirl around in a circle with your hands outstretched to either side) when she’s singing and I just got carried away. You understand that don’t you Mary? Great.  I’m talking to a doll.  But I don’t have anyone else to talk to.  I don’t have any friends.  (Sigh)  Except you Mary . . . . "

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"Finding the Words"      new!

Male. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx 1 and 1/2 minutes.

Sometimes you just can't think of the right words at the right time.  Powerful monologue focusing on the frustrations of trying to fit in at school.

A Longer version, approximately 2.5-3 minutes is also included in this purchase. 

" . . . . I want to say something cool.  I want to join in. But I can’t find the words.  So I just stand there looking like an idiot as they call me weirdo, freak of nature and Mime boy. (incredulous) Mime boy? I’m not acting things out. I just can’t find the words. But the worse part is the laughing. I hate it when they laugh at me. (voice starts rising in anger, fists clench at side) I just want to grab them and shake them and say “Hey, stop laughing at me. Stop it! STOP LAUGHING!!!!!” . . . . . . " 

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"Paint on a Smile"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Saying goodbye to someone at a hospital is never easy. Sometimes you just have to paint on a smile. Intense, emotional monologue filled with heartbreak.  Recommended for performers with an advanced, acting ability.

Longer Version, approximately 1.5 minutes, is also included in this order. 

" . . . . . . . I can’t go to the hospital anymore. (angrily) I can’t smell the sickness and the sadness anymore. (break down) I can’t paint on a smile anymore. I can’t!  I’m sorry Grandpa, I just can’t.  (pause as you regain your composure) Hospitals also smell like goodbyes. And that’s the worse smell of all."


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"Opening Night"      new!

Female. Age range: 10-14. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

After auditioning over and over, a girl finally lands a role and faces her first Opening Night.

*Includes alternative version with a quote from "Matilda" 


" . . . . . . And every time the answer was “Thank you.” (Say thank you in dead flat  monotone voice) Not even a “We’ll let you know” or a “We’ll give you a call.”  Just a flat, empty thank you. I hate that thank you!  (Change voice to full of wonderment) But then, I finally got a “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”  And I knew!  I just knew!  That wasn’t a you didn’t get the part thank you.  It was a yes! . . . . .? 


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"Mr. Sports"      new!

Male. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx 2 and 1/2 minutes.

When your Dad is "Mr. Sports" and your sporting life is filled with disaster, trying to make the team seems impossible.  

A Shorter Version, approx 1.5 minutes, is included with this purchase. 

" . . . . . . .  I have to make this team  . . . . . so far my sporting life has been a disaster. I spent the entire Pee Wee soccer season running up and down the soccer field and never got close enough to kick the ball.  Not even once.  . . . . .  my Dad got sick.  (slightly angry tone) Dads aren’t supposed to get sick.  Especially my Dad who is probably one of the healthiest people on the planet.  I mean he runs a bazillion miles every single day.  How can someone like that get sick? ). . . . . . .For once, in my disastrous sporting life I didn’t mess up.  I caught the ball.  And look, my Dad is smiling.. . . . .  After all, my Dad is Mr. Sports and I’m just like him."    

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"Jazz Shoes"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-16. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

One pair of jazz shoes is perfect.  One pair is dirty and full of holes.  A young dancer auditions for a dance team.  

A Longer Version, approx. 1.5 - 2 minutes is also included in this purchase.  

*It is not necessary to have any dance skills to perform this monologue.

" . . . .My Mom bought me a new pair a few weeks ago so I would look perfect for this audition. There’s not a scratch or mark on them. And her jazz shoes? Dirty, full of holes and barely staying on her feet.. . . .They’re coming back (stand up straight and smile) This is it. The last member of the competition team is (a slight pause with eyes hopeful, mouth slightly open and then shocked expression, shoulders slump and deadened voice).  Her.. . . . So I noticed we both wear size 7 jazz shoes.  My Mom bought me a new pair and I hate them.. . . .I was wondering if you wanted them.  Because I was just going to throw them out. . . . . .

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"I Can't Breathe"      new!

Male or Female, Age range 8-16. Approx 1 minute.

Powerful, moving monologue of a child waiting to hear what happened after a baby sister is taken to the hospital.  

Longer Version, approximately 1.5-2 minutes, is also included in this purchase.  

"I can still remember the day my parents told me I was getting a little sister.  First, my Mom asked me if I wanted some homemade cookies.. . . . (look worried) Cookies?  A present?  They were making me nervous. What could it be? . . . . . Yesterday Lily got sick.  She has a fever and it keeps getting higher.  Mom and Dad took her to the hospital.  They told me they would call when Lily was better.  They haven’t called yet. . . . . She has to get better.  She has to.  Because Lily was the best present my parents ever gave me. . . . . . "


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"Proper Young Ladies"      new!

Female. Age range: 8-16. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Proper Young Ladies do not display emotion.  Proper Young Ladies curtsy and smile even if their hearts are breaking.  

An English accent is helpful to perform this monologue but is not necessary.

Three versions, 1 minute, 1 minute & a half and 2 & 1/2 minutes, are included in this order.

*Warning:  This monologue includes the death of a parent as the reason the child's heart is breaking*


“Good evening Sir.”  (Curtsy)   “Thank you sir.” (Curtsy) “How may I help you Ma’am?” (Curtsy and then frustrated, anger beneath the surface)  Oh, I’m so very tired of curtsying and being polite.  Smiling (fake smile) at everyone even though I long to just scream at them to (raise voice and tighten fists)  “GO AWAY!”  But I can’t do that.  Proper young ladies control their feelings.  Proper young ladies curtsy. So, I push my feelings down deep inside of me and just hope no one can tell. . . . . . "

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"Harry Potter's Wand"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 9-12. Total length: Approx 1 minute

Sometimes there really is magic in the air.  A moving monologue that captures the emotions of sacrifices and dreams.  

" . . . .Everyone’s standing in line right now to buy a wand from Ollivander’s Wand shop. (excited) The wands are so cool.  I’d been saving my money all year to get one.  But (shrug) it didn’t work out. . . . .   Maybe there is magic in the air after all. I’ll choose (look and point) that one!"  


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"Daydream Believer"      new!

Female. Age range 9-13. Total Length: Approx 2 minutes

Powerful, heart-breaking monologue as a girl decribes life with her new stepsister.  

*This monologues uses props - including suitcase and clothing* 

" . . . .This morning Daddy was all excited.  He told me he had signed me up for the science camp I kept talking about.  And to hurry up and start packing.  My new sister isn’t going of course.  Probably aren’t any clothing stores at camp.  So she’s just going to hang out at home this summer with Daddy. (Start to break down & lose composure) Which is cool. (throw piece of clothing you are holding in suitcase.  Pick up another piece and throw it in - no folding - as you say next line) Hanging out. (Pick up last piece of clothing) Probably doing Princessy things. (Start to throw last piece in and then glare at it as you say) Sounds like awesome fun. (Throw clothing on ground as you break down, kicking suitcase and throwing clothes all over the room. Angrily yelling this line)  I’m sure the new little Princess and my Daddy will have the bestest time and maybe cartoon birds will show up and braid her hair too. Because that’s what happens with Princesses, right?   RIGHT? . . . . . . . . . . . "

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"Attend the Tale"      new!

Male. Age Range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 1 minute.

Based on "Sweeney Todd:  The Demon Barbor of Fleet Street".  Toby had a friend who is hearbroken and angry at what Sweeney Todd did to him. And he is not going take it anymore.  Dark, passionate and full of intense emotions. 

*Cockney British accent is a plus, though not necessary.  Please be aware that this is a dark monologue that does not have a happy ending. 

"Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.  That’s what Toby’s says.  In fact, that’s all he says because he’s off his head.  He’s completely balmy.  And all because of that  Sweeney Todd. (glare angrily)  I hate Sweeney Todd!  . . . . (Pleading)  He just wanted a family, someplace warm to sleep.  Sweeney took it all. (angrily pacing) The Sweeneys always take it all. (breathing heavily with frustration, suddenly stop pacing and say)  I’m not going to be a Toby. (seething)  I’m not! (Look down and then look up slyly) I have a knife.  I could take.  . . . . . . "


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"Statistics"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 10-14. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Research for a report on homelessness becomes very real and personal when you see a girl you used to know at a homeless shelter.  Passionate and angry, this monologue reveals intense emotions.  

" . . . . My Mom said her Dad lost all their money and now they were homeless. (Let anger creep in voice)  How could that happen?  700,000 every night?  This is a stupid statistic! We have to do something. (Determined)  I have to do something.  For Pippa and all the sassy, fabulous friends out there.  So statistics?  You are on notice.  It’s time for a change."    
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"Southern Gentlemen Do Read Books"      new!

Male. Age range 10-16. Total length: Approx. 1 minute.

A dramatic look at prejudice in the Old South as a boy realizes he has to start thinking for himself.  Originally written for an audition for "Huckleberry Finn", please be aware this monologue mentions being "whupped".

*Southern accent needed.

" . . . .Tonight I wuz reading a book Aunt Charlotte lent me. (face light up with happiness). “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” by Mistuh Jules Verne.  (voice is excited)  It was the most wondrous book I ever seen, about a sea monster and a ship trying to ketch it.  I know Southern Gentlemen don’t read books. Papa says it’s (sound like Papa again and say namby pamby very disdainfully)  namby pamby.  I knew I had to be careful, but it was jist so exciting. (Pause & take a step forward)  Papa caught me reading it. . . . . . . . . " 

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"O Mio"      new!

Male or Female. Age range 10-16. Total Length: Approx. 1 minute.

Sometimes music can heal the pain.  Sometimes music can help you soar. 

" . . . . (Look around with apprehension) I better go home. It’s late and my father is going to be angry. (look afraid)  He doesn’t understand.  I asked him once if he would buy me a ticket to see an opera and he flew into a rage . . . .  I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me. (passionately) I wish I could make him understand how wonderful opera makes me feel. But he won’t listen. . . . I’ll just close my eyes and pretend I’m here, soaring into the sky. . . . . ."   

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"Shep"      new!

Male. Age range: 10-16. Total length: Approx 1.5 minutes.

The death of a homeless man named Shep has a powerful effect on a rich boy working at a homeless shelter.  

"Shep died today.  He was really old so everyone is saying (change voice each time when you say the quoted lines and clasp hands to chest)  “He had a good life” and “It was his time” and all the things you’re supposed to say when old people die but that’s not true.  (stand up).   He was homeless and had to come to a soup kitchen just to get something to eat.  And now he’s dead.  How is that a good life?   (shake head with rueful laugh) . . . . . . (look down at ground and kick one foot a little then look up and say passionately)   I just don’t understand.   My family has plenty of money.  There’s always tons of food in the house and my Mom buys clothes ALL THE TIME.  Why do we get so much and he dies shivering in the street?  (kicks chair so that it falls over) It’s just not fair!  (Take a deep breath and regain control) . . . . . . ." 

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"My Amazing Disappearing Mom"      new!

Female. Age range 10-16. Total Length: Approx 1.5 minutes.

Moms are not supposed to leave.  In this emotional monologue a girl longs for the Mom who left her. Filled with both comedy and dramatic moments, this monologue will leave a lasting impression on viewers.   

" . . . . .I’ll never forget the day we put koolaid in our hair and dyed it pink. We looked ridiculous. But we went to the mall and walked around for hours so that everyone could see our pinkalicious hair. . . . . . . . . Then we had the talk. (voice gets sad and heartbroken) She told me “I love you. I will always love you. But I have to leave. I can’t breathe anymore. But keep flying little bird. Always Keep Flying.” And then she left. I haven’t seen her since that day. . . . . . .   (Very angry) Do you hear me universe? (shout)  MOMS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE!!!! . . . . . ."

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"Going Home"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 10-16. Total length: Approx 1.5 - 2 minutes.

A young person, suffering from a multiple personality disorder, phases into different personalities, as he/she pleads to go home from a mental hospital.

An Older Teen Female Version is also included in this order.

*Both male and female versions are included in this order.  


" . . . . Please, please let me come home. . . . They told me I had to stay here because I kept forgetting who I was and that sometimes when I do that, I hurt people.  . . .Did I do it again? . . . . . . . . . 



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"Cosette"      new!

Female. Age range: 10-16. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Cosette from Les Miserables dreams of a better life as she fetches water for the Inn.  Full of humor, pain and passion, Cosette is a lovely character study.

A Longer Version, approx. 2 minutes, is also included in this order.  


" . . . “Fetch some more water?  Right away sir.” Last week I had to go out in the middle of the night.  I ran as fast as I could and started back towards the inn when all of a sudden something grabbed my ankle.  (Freeze in terror) I stood there shaking until I heard I heard “Bonjour. I seem to be a bit lost.  And for some reason lying on the ground.”  (roll eyes)  It was ONLY Master Fiarry in his cups again. . . . .     (Determined nod)  I’ll just have to be brave.  I’ll pretend I’m a lady like Miss Eponine on her way to a ball. . . . . . "

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"Flames"      new!

Female. Age range: 10-16. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Passionate, heartbreaking monologue from the soul survivor of a house fire.

*Please read the excerpt and be aware this monologue mentions family deaths. 

"I can’t close my eyes.  Every time I do, I see flames everywhere. (bring both hands clenched in fists to head as say in pleading voice)  Make it stop!  Please make it stop. .   

 . . . . I don’t know how I got outside.  All I remember is seeing the flames roaring and eating my house.  And I couldn’t find my Mommy or Daddy anywhere.  Where were they?  They were supposed to be right behind me.  (yell in despair) Why?  Why weren’t you right behind me?  (take deep shuddering breath) And now I can’t close my eyes.  Because of the flames." 


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"Hungry?"      new!

Male or Female, Age range 10-16. Approx 1 minute.

Are people in America really hungry?  A dropped piece of pizza leads to a devastating realization. 

" . . . . . And now I can’t stop thinking about it.  Did she save all that change so she could finally buy lunch and then it was ruined? Was she hungry? Are people hungry?  (look at audience pleading and desperate)   Because I didn’t know." 


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"Body Language"      new!

Female. Age range 10-16. Total Length: Approx 1 -1.5 minutes.

The pain and frustration of being overweight in a size 0 world.  

*This monologue can be performed by any size actress by wearing layered clothing.

"Okay, so I’m not super skinny.  I don’t look like a stick. That doesn’t give you the right to call me chubby. (unfold arms with emphasis) Chubby? What kind of word is that anyway? (gesture at self)  I’m normal.  I’m a normal person who weighs a normal weight. . . . . . . But inside I’m just as fierce and fabulous as all the skinny size 0 girls out there. Why can’t anyone see that? . . . . . . . "

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"Just Leave Me Alone"      new!

Male. Age Range 10-16. Total Length: Approx 1 minute.

An angry boy begs everyone to just leave him alone.  Full of passion and intensity, this monologue contains strong dramatic moments.  

A Longer Version, approx. 2 minutes, is also included in this order.  

"(Looks up) No, I don’t want to talk about it.  No, I don’t want anything to drink either.  (Puts head back in hands and then lifts head up again, glaring and frustrated) No, I don’t want to look at a magazine.  (Stands up angrily) Could you just leave me alone until my parents get here?  I just want to be left alone.  (Very sarcastically) THANK YOU.  

    (Pause a beat as if person is leaving and then slump dejectedly) Not that it will be any better then. . . . . . . . . .

    And Dad?  He’s even worse.  He’ll sit down beside me and tell me some stupid story about how when he was 13 and had FEELINGS too and I can share all my FEELINGS with him so we can have FEELINGS TOGETHER.(frustrated) Just leave me alone. . . . . . "

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"A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends"      new!

Female. Age range 10-16. Total Length: Approx 1 minute.

What happens when your best friend turns into a bully? What happens when she starts bullying you?

"What happened to you?  (imploring voice)  We used to be friends.  Don’t you remember third grade?  Sitting in my tree house, reading Nancy Drew novels and swearing that no matter what we’ll always be best friends forever?  And now look at you.  You’re nothing but a bully.  Running around and doing what you’re so called “friends” tell you to do. . . . . . . . . . I know you can make my life even more miserable. . . . . .   So I’ll do what you want.  . . . . "

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"The Wait"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 10-18. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

A young person waits in a room at the airport unable to remember what happened.  Filled with love and heartbreak, a powerful monologue for an advanced performer. 

A Longer Version, approx. 1.5 - 2 minutes, is also included in this order.

*This Monologue includes both a Male and a Female version.  


" I am so tired of waiting. Some lady put me in here, said she would be right back and now seems to have disappeared.  . . . .No, no, no, this isn’t happening, no, no . . . . The plane.  I remember.  It started to shake.   It was shaking and everyone was screaming. . . . . .The plane.  I remember.  It started to shake. (Chair shakes as she remembers)   It was shaking and everyone was screaming. (Looks around frantically)  Those little masks, they fell out of the ceiling and the stewardess was yelling “Put them on.  Brace for impact.” (Looks around frantically) Mom! Mom, what’s happening?   Is the plane going to crash? Make it stop! . . . . . "

*This excerpt is from the female version.  The male version yells for Dad. 

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"In the Land of the Crey Crey"      new!

Female. Age range 12-18. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

3 distinct personalities - perky and clueless, wide-eyed and innocent and damaged and angry - are displayed as a girl struggles with her identity and her sanity.  

"Hello, worker person?  I have a complaint.  I’m here on vacay and I must say this place is utterly dreary. There doesn’t seem to be a pool and my activities calendar only has something called “group” on it.  Where are all the mixers?  And I need to go shopping right this minute. (indicate shoes)  I don’t know what I’m wearing right now but I’m assuming all my shoes were destroyed in a fire because ewwwwww. . . . . . Are you sad?  Are you scared? Boo hoo.  Better get used to it. (perhaps a twisted evil jazz hands spread as you say in an eerie tone) Welcome to the Land of the Crey Crey."


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"Her Name was Sarah"      new!

Female. Age range: 12-18. Total length: Approx 2 ½minutes.

A girl reacts to a classmate's suicide in a monologue filled with anger, passion and heartbreak.  



"My friend died yesterday. . . . . We’ve been having counselors talk to us at school all day. (Lean forward in anguish)  They keep asking me to tell them how I feel. How I feel?  How I feel?  (stand and kick chair across stage) What an idiotic question! What don’t I feel? . . . .  . . She left me a message on my voice mail.  It wasn’t very long. She just said she missed being my friend. (Pause)   . . . . . . I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive myself. (Pause) I don’t think I ever should. . . . ."


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"Never, Neverland"      new!

Male or Female. Age: 10 and up. Time length: Approx 1.5 - 2 minutes.

A dark, disturbing monologue written for a workshop given by the Casting Director of Criminal Minds. A child explains why she had to kill her parents (self-defense) and dreams of Neverland. Please be aware that this monologue is only appropriate for certain types of auditions.  

*Can be changed to male by changing one line in final paragraph.

". . . . . Don’t touch me. Can’t you just go away and leave me alone?  (Pause as Actress pulls knees up and clasp them and lay head down on knees swaying a little whispering) “It’s not on any chart, you must find it in your heart. ... .”(Look up)   It’s a song.  About Never, Neverland.. . . . .  But then Daddy lost his job and everything changed. . . . They locked me in my room and wouldn’t let me go to school anymore.  And Mommy said . . . (voice breaking a little) she said they had to make a sacrifice . . . . . . ."

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"Waking the Darkness"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 12 and up. Total length: Approx 1- 1.5 minutes.

Intense, emotion-filled monologue as a young actor wonders if a seance has woken up something in the Darkness.  Full of fear and passionate moments, it is a great showcase a talented performer.

*This purchase includes both a younger and older version. The older version includes comments on drinking and death.


" . . . . . This all started as a joke.  A stupid joke!  (Let anger start to seep into voice)   My friends and I were just hanging out.  I think we were watching a horror movie and then Bobby said (use a stoned sort of voice) “Dude, let’s have a seance.”  It seemed like a good idea at the time, so we sat in a circle. Then everyone pricked their fingers so we could drip blood in a little bowl.  I remember Carrie screamed when we did hers.  She is such a baby about blood.  Trent said something spooky, we were all laughing and then . . . . and then . . . .. something happened.  But I can’t remember. (Frustrated) Why can’t I remember? (Pace a few steps with face in hands and then look up) . . . . . . . . . ."


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"Sometimes Things Get Broken"      new!

Female. Age range 12-18. Total Length: Approx. 1 minute.

Sometimes things get broken.  Sometimes people get broken. This monologue is filled with pain, anger and character voices during an acting out scene, as a girl is interviewed by a psychiatrist after pushing another girl down.  

" . . . . . . . . You should write that down.  Poor, emotionally deprived me. (pauses and looks around)  So are we done?   Have you psychoanalyzed me enough for your little report? Why are you just staring at me?  Aren’t you supposed to be all fake sympathetic right now to get me to trust you? Because I watch TV.  I know how these things work. . . . But that’s okay.  Sometimes things get broken."  


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"White Picket Fence"      new!

Male. Age Range: 12-16. Total Length: Approx 1 minute.

A damaged Father keeps moving.  A teen longs for his Father to stop moving, so he can be a normal kid.  A passionate plea and a look back to a lost life.    

"We’re moving.  Again.  (Build and burst with frustration) And I don’t understand why.  I thought we were done.  That we were finally normal.  That we could finally stay. I had normal once. (Soft, nostalgic smile) My parents had a house in the suburbs. It even had a white picket fence.  I loved that fence.  I used to pretend to paint it.  I think my grand plan at the age of 5 was to become a fence painter.  (laugh a little) But when I was 7 years old, my Mom died. And then we started moving . . . . "

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"Therapy"      new!

Male or female. Age range: 12-18. Total length: Approx 1.5 minutes.

A teenager attends a therapy session after witnessing a terrifying heart attack during an elevator ride. 


" . . . .he got this funny expression on his face and made this gurgling, choking sound and just fell over. . . . . I don’t know how to do CPR.  I know what you’re supposed to do, so I tried.  I held his nose and I breathed into his mouth.  I tried to push on his heart.  I kept doing it over and over.  Breathe!  Breathe!  . . . Sometimes I have nightmares where the elevator never stops falling. Sometimes it’s that gurgling sound he made over and over again. (Pause while staring straight at audience) But it’s just nightmares. Everybody has nightmares. Right?. . . "



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"Trans"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 13 and up. Total length: Approx. 2-3 minutes.

A gripping, heart-wrenching monologue of a transgender who was born female but longs to be male. 

*Written originally as a custom monologue request.  At it's debut performance, every acting teacher serving as a judge in the room asked to obtain a copy of this monologue. Mature and requires understanding of transgender issues."

"I have this dream.  In it, I open my closet door and instead of stepping into Narnia, I step into another universe.  In this universe nobody is born male or female.   They’re just born. When they get old enough they decide if they want to be a boy or a girl. (eyes dreamy and happy before becoming sad and frustrated)  It’s beautiful and perfect and . . . . . . . it’s just a dream.  In my universe I was born a female.  But I wake up every day feeling like a male.  I’m miserable and I’m terrified and I don’t know what to do. . . . . " 


"I Walked Away"      new!

Male or Female. Age range: 15 and up. Total length: Approx 1 minute.

Peer Pressure leads to tragic consequences.  Hard hitting monologue with a powerful message. 

"On my 10th birthday my Dad talked to me about peer pressure.  He said if anyone ever tries to get me to do something that I know I shouldn’t do, just walk away.  So that’s what I did. When Kyle said:  (Change voice & body language to surfer dude) “Dude, I’ve got cigarettes.  Want a puff?”  I walked away. . . . . I was the King of Walking away. Until last night. . . . ." 


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"Bright Lights"      new!

Male or female. Age range: 15 and older. Total length: Approx 1 - 1.5 minutes.

A haunting and powerful monologue that captures the emotional anguish of trying to achieve your acting dreams.


"I think I’ve lost me. And I’m not sure what to do. . . . . . You see, I came to New York because I’ve always known I could act.  When I walk onto a stage, (look around) it’s like now I’m alive. (Face becomes alive with expression)   Now I’m breathing.  . . . . . . I audition and I know I’m good, I know it!  But it’s never me.  Why can’t they see me? (Clench hands into fists at side of body) Yesterday, when I finished and looked up,  they weren’t even looking at me.  . . . . . .


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"Living in a Hallmark Movie"      new!

Female. Age range: Ability to portray the age of 16. Total Length: Approx 1.5 minutes.

A teenager finds out she is adopted on her 16th birthday. 

" .. . . . I just turned 16.  My parents asked me to sit down because they wanted to talk to me.  I was sure they were going to give me a new car for my birthday but first they wanted to give me a little speech about wearing my seat belt, driving the speed limit and no texting when driving. So I put my serious face on and sat down. (slight pause)  And then they told me I was old enough to know that I was adopted. Adopted?  I can’t be adopted.  I’m a cheerleader.  I play right wing on the soccer team. I’m a National Honor Society student.  I’m NORMAL. I have a normal, wonderful life.  And you suddenly tell me I’m adopted? (shouting) THAT IS NOT NORMAL!. . . . .  "

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"Ghost"      new!

Female. Age range 16 and older. Total Length: Approx 2 minutes.

A teenager is devastated to find that she is a ghost after a texting while driving accident.  

" . . . . . did I crash the car?  Dad is going to kill me.  I’m going to be grounded for weeks. . . . . .   Where are you going?  No, don’t go.  Help me. I’m right here.  DO SOMETHING.  Put me back in my body right now.  Do CPR or whatever it is you do.  I can’t die because of a stupid car accident.  I just bought my dress for the prom.  It’s seriously awesome, black with a tiny bit of red on the straps. I look amazing in it.  Monnie was going to do my hair. . . . . (choking back tears and then stamping feet with angry tears and raw voice)   DO SOMETHING. . . . . . "

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