We offer unique monologues that SHOWCASE your child or teen's talents and help them to be cast in the part, prepare your demo reel, or win the competition.  FREE lengthening or shortening of any monologue, ensemble scene or commercial.  Links to free monologues are also available.  Own the moment with Monologues4kids!  







 MonologuesByTeens.  A new Creative Writing Facetime Session where you'll have the opportunity to be published & receive royalties at M4K.


NEW MONOLOGUES   Comedies: "Castles in the Clouds", "To the Batmobile", "Spy School Dropout", "Don't Feed the Monkeys", "Dating is Hard", "Ballet To Do List", "Bird Biz", "Holding Hands", "The Ridiculously Awesome Pet Palooza", "Poppy, the Purrfect Pouncing Cat", "Future Water Balloon Handler", "Why is Batgirl Last?", and "Droids Do Not Have Emotions".  

30 Second Monologues: "I'm Fine Mom", "Divorce, American Style", and "Mannequin Makeover". 

Dramas:  "After the Harvest", "Just Breathe", "Hot Pockets", "Finding My Window", "Yesterday", "Dear Lucky", and "The Mistake".

NEW COMMERCIALS include "Peppa Pig's Playset", "How to Speak Dog".

NEW ENSEMBLE SCENES "Elves on Strike", "Tale as Old as Time", "Feeling Groovy", "Do We Get Bacon?", "Triple Threat Trio", "Eagles Beware!", "Goldie Takes the Stand", "Grab Your Feathers", "Survivor, Jr." and "Eels are Electrifying".  

NEW ONE ACT PLAYS include "Christmas Toy Tales", "Picture Day", "The King Quest" and "The Duck Menagerie". 

NEW PUPPET SHOW "Rapunzel's Amazing Adventure". 

MONOLOGUESBYTEENS Facetime creative writting sessions where teens will be given the opportunity to create, publish and receive royalties for their own monologues.  http://www.monologues4kids.com/monologuesbyteens/



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MONOLOGUES4KIDS also offers custom Preschool programs, Puppet Shows, Introductions, Speeches, Pageant Performances & Workshop Requirements.  Let M4K fulfill all your children's acting needs!                                                                                   



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