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We offer unique monologues that SHOWCASE your child or teen's talents and help them to be cast in the part or win the competition.  FREE lengthening or shortening of any monologue, duologue, scene or commercial.  Links to FREE monologues are also available.  Own the stage with Monologues4kids!  





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NEW MONOLOGUES include: "Harry Potter's Wand", "Hello Sam, Would You Like A Cookie?", "Save a Puppy, Save the World", "Mona Lisa's Smile", "Sincerely, Your Son Cedric", and "Finding the Words" .

NEW COMMERCIALS include "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese", "Captain America", "Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara", "American Girl Truly Me Dolls" and"Max Factor Lipstick".  

NEW DUOLOGUES include "I Need A Boyfriend!", "High School SoulmatesForever.com", "Flunking Fairy Spells?", "The Not Withholding Good Squad", and "Dude Me Back"

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M4K monologues are popular worldwide including England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Japan, South America, and South Africa. Language and cultural adaptions FREE upon request. 



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Onsite and Custom Duologues and Ensemble Scenes, Preschool Programs, School & Camp plays.  Specialty work including program introductions, speeches and specialized auditions are also available.  Let MONOLOGUES4KIDS fulfill all your children's acting needs!                                                                                   



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