Scenework : Ensemble Scenes: 3 Min. & Under

Ensemble scenes featuring 3 or more actors timed to be 3 minutes or under.  Ideal for Thespian competitions and performing arts performances.  Listed in order of age. Invoices for School use sent upon request.  

Order a Custom Duologue/Ensemble Scene      new!

Do you need a performance scene for a Thespian competition, audition, acting class or workshop? A Custom Duologue or Custom Scene, showcasing your child's strengths, is the perfect opportunity for your child to shine.

Email us pertinent information including ages, length of scene, comedy or dramatic theme, any particular topics or actions you are interested in and Gerrie will work with you to create a unique duologue/scene.

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"Do a Deer?"      new!

3 Females. Age range 6-8 and 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 3 minutes

Three sisters are auditioning for "The Sound of Music".  As they prepare for their audition, emotions range from calm to stressed in a funny, heartwarming scene that pays tribute to a wonderful musical with great dramatic moments.  

" . . . . .Scarlett: “Oh Fraulein, Father’s never going to marry her. Why he couldn’t.  Because he’s in love with you. (pace a few moments) He’s in LOVE with you.  (pace again and change inflection) He’s in love with YOU. . . . . . . .

Scarlett: (storming back up to them) You’re using that monologue again?  You always use that monologue.

Isabelle: So?  I know it perfectly and I’m very good at it. Sometimes casting directors even cry.. . . . . .   

Olivia: Scarlett, you need to stop stressing about all this. (walk over to stand by Scarlett. Take a deep breath in as you say the next lines)  Come on.  Breathe in the good air, breathe out the bad air.. . . . . . . . ."



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"The 3 Ringateers"      new!

3 Females. Age Range 8-12. Total Length: Approx. 2-3 minutes.

Three friends practice their auditions for the role of Ringmaster.  With hilarious auditions ranging from ditzy and confused, stuffy and British and complete drama diva, this delightful scene gives all 3 girls a chance to shine. 

" . . . . . Sarah: Never mind Lacey.  Look Kelli, we’re not like the Muskateers.  There were three of them and only one of us is going to get to be Ringmaster.

Kelli: You never know.  We might be so dazzling that they choose all 3 of us.  Let’s practice.  Lacey you go first. (Kelli and Sarah move to one side while Lacey stands CS)
Lacey: (picks up wand and talks like Glenda the Good witch from The Wizard of Oz) Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the greatest show on earth.  Where we have: (singsong voice)   “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my”. . . . . . . . . " 
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"The No Longer Hungry Hippo"      new!

5 characters, Male or Female. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx. 3 minutes.

The new Jungle Book movie is out and Holly Hippo is very upset that Hippos are not in the movie.  

*Originally written for 5 girls but can be cast with boys or girls by changing the names of the animals.  

"Betty: The new Jungle Book movie is out. (Everyone looks at her expectantly.) And we’re all in it! (Everyone jumps up and cheers)  

Winnie: And?

Betty: It’s awesome! (Everyone cheers some more)

Priscilla: I wasn’t worried.  I knew a panther would be in it.  After all, how can tell the story of Mowgli without the amazing spectacular Bagheera. (strike a big dramatic pose as you say) Panthers rule! And every other animal (other animals are glaring at her) is also awesome in their own way. (the other 3 animals have their arms crossed as they continue to glare) I wasn’t going to say drool. . . . . " 

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"The Brain Sucking Alien Phone App"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 2-3 minutes.

Are aliens really taking over the world with a Brain Sucking Alien Phone App? And why is Anna acting so weird? Has she already had her brain sucked away?  AHHHHHH! 

" . . . . . . Kelly: Do you think she texted the alien brain sucking app to our phones?  Is this the start of the phone apocalypse?

Taylor: I don’t know.  We could just be imagining all this.

Kelly: That’s what people always say in the movies. (Very dramatically)  Before they die!

Taylor: It sounds like Michelle has already had her brain sucked away.  

Kelly: (panicing and grabbing Taylor’s shoulders) I don’t want my brain sucked away. I like my brain.  Taylor what should we do? . . . . . ."

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"Silly Humans"      new!

2 Males/2 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 2-3 minutes.

It's time for the weekly Guardian report.  But life isn't easy for a Guardian.  Humans are always doing such ridiculous things.  

" . . . . .Jackriel: (clears throat)  To begin, my Human has had a very good week.  His academics have been soaring. His athletic abilities have been ---

Samriel: Amazing.  Blah, blah, blah.  But the big news of the week is that your Human fell and broke his arm because you - his Guardian - were too busy rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to watch over him.

Jackriel: (sputtering and defensive) But J.K. Rowling is writing a new book.  . . . It’s not my fault my stupid human IS ALWAYS FALLING AND BREAKING SOMETHING.  

Anariel: (shocked) Oooo, you called your human stupid.  

Jackriel: (quickly) I meant silly.  My SILLY human.

Joriel: Why yes, Samriel, that IS against the Guardian rules. Dude, they’re probably going to put you in Guardriel prison.  But you could start a Jail band.  (singing or talk sing like Elvis) “Everybody in the whole cell block, was dancing to the Jailhouse Rock.” . . . . . "

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"PK Club"      new!

4 Females. Age Range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3 minutes.

The members of the Depressed Pastor's Kid's Club are not happy.  Why won't their Dads let them do anything?  Written from a Christian perspective, "PK Club" is a a funny, modern take on life as a PK. 

"Scene opens with Sky, and Mary are slumped depressed into various chairs.  Mallory is texting. Taylor enters.

Taylor: Ew, ew, ew, ew, ewwwwwww!

Mary: Something wrong?

Taylor: (shuddering)  I’ve been feeding the homeless. They are so disgusting. They smell. Their teeth are gross. And did I mention they are DISGUSTING?

Sky: Is that why you missed the trip to Disney World? Everyone was wondering where you were.

Taylor: My Dad insisted that I come with him on his monthly Help the Helpless mission trip.  I’ve taken three showers and I still feel dirty. . . . . . "

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"Ready for my Closeup"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Approx. 2-3 minutes.

A madcap comedy unfolds when 3 best friends find out that Sophie's big sister is going on a date with Janie's big brother. Full of many different voice levels and great character moments that feature each actress!

" . . . . Janie: MIA IS ON A DATE WITH MY BROTHER JACK??????

Willow: Wait, wait, wait. (gestures to Sophie) Your big sister Mia is on a date with (gestures to Janie) your big brother Jack?  (smoopy expression as she clasps hands together) Awwwww.

Janie: (has shoved the clothes off one of the chairs and collapsed on it) Jack actually convinced someone to go on a date with him? You guys have met Jack right?  His entire vocabulary consists of the words (speak in surfer talk) “Dude” and “Awesome.” . . . . . "

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"The Saving the Dragon, Saving the World Skit"      new!

2 Males/2 Females. Age range 10 and up. Approx. 3 minutes.

Four students are giving the assignment of preparing a skit about either saving the environment, protecting endangered species or bringing world peace.  The hilarious Saving the Dragon, Saving the World skit is the result.  Great character moments for everyone.  

" . . . . .Adam: (very excited)  Yes!  A wicked, evil dragon who kills everyone with his light saber!  

Lidia: Dragons don’t have light sabers Adam.

Adam: My Dragon does because he’s cool and watches Star Wars.

Jack: No Adam the Dragon doesn’t kill anyone.  

Sophie: Is he a nice dragon Jack?

Jack: Yes Sophie he is.  He’s just lonely because he’s the last Dragon in the world.

Sophie: Awww.  That is so sad.

Lidia: So let me get this straight.  The Wicked Trash Villain is a Dragon who is littering the forest with trash because . . . . .

Jack: Because he’s so lonely.  He doesn’t have another Dragon friend to say hey pick up your trash because we need to save the environment. . . . . .."


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"Mannequins A Gogo!"      new!

2 Male/2 Females. Any Age. Approx. 3 minutes.

4 Mannequins come to life in a Department store with hilarious results.  

"Colorboy: Oops! (Look shocked as put hands to face) I talked!

Cowboy: (twitches up and then twitches down) Whoa!  Why is the room shaking?

Jammiesgal and Progal both start twitching at the same time. They twitch into Cowboy and Colorboy and all 4 mannequins go tumbling to the floor.

Jammiesgal: Why am I on the floor?  Who knocked me over?

Progal: This is highly irregular.  Pick me up this instant. . . . . . . . . " 

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