One Act Plays

Original One Act Plays for Kids and Teens. Ideal for School Productions, Thespian competitions, and Performing Arts/Dance Studio performances. Listed in order of age. Invoice for Schools sent upon request.  

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Email us pertinent information including ages, cast, length, comedy or dramatic theme, any particular topics or actions you are interested in and Gerrie will work with you to create a unique One Act Play.

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"Summerfest"      new!

5 characters, Female. Age range: 5-14. Total Length: Approximately 8-10 minutes.

The SPARKLES won't let Tooth Fairy Tiana join them in welcoming Summerfest.  A Wind Sprite, Water Nymph, Tree Dryad and little Flower Fairy help her find a way to fight back.  Sassy, hilarious and full of great character moments.  Royalty rights included in fee. 

*This published One Act Play includes the monologue “Tink” which is listed as a comedy monologue on our comedy page.   

" . . . . . Tiana: . . . . I came to rehearsal and they told me to go away.  They said Tooth Fairies aren’t real Fairies. That nobody likes Tooth Fairies. They said go away before you touch us with your tooth touching fingers.  I don’t have tooth touching fingers. (holds out hands)  I wear gloves. All Tooth Fairies do.  .  . . . . . . . . .

Lorelei: (furious) Do you want me to send a tornado?  Or a hurricane? (hold both hands up in the air menacingly)  My wind is ready to give you revenge.

Danilys: (rushing over and pulling Lorelei’s arms down) Stop Lorelei!  You can’t do that. It would hurt people.  And trees.  

Tiana: I don’t want revenge.  I’m just frustrated.   I practiced the  song.  (Sing this to the tune of Happy Birthday) Summer Solstice is here, Summer Solstice is here, Fairies welcome you with Sparkles (big jazz hands on the word sparkles), Summer Solstice is here. . . . . . . . "


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"Stars of Tomorrow"      new!

3 Females. Age Range: 8 and up. Total Length Approx. 8-10 minutes.

3 girls of different ages prepare to compete in the Stars of Tomorrow competition. This play includes hilarious backstage Green Room moments that capture the nerves and the dreams of all competitors.  Royalty rights included in fee. 

*This published One Act Play includes the monologue "Letter to the Tooth Fairy” which is listed as a comedy monologue on our Comedy Page and the monologue "Flames" which is listed as a Drama on our Drama Page.  It also includes a monologue from "Alice in Wonderland".   

"Scarlett: Is this it?  Is this where we’re supposed to audition for Stars of Tomorrow? My Mom took me to the wrong theater this morning and then when we finally got the right address the GPS kept telling us to (speak in a prissy GPS voice) “turn right, turn right” and there was no street to “turn right” on.  We were so lost. I didn’t think we’d ever get here.  

Olivia: Well, at least you made it!

Scarlett: (stands up and says passionately) I had to make it. Winning the Stars of Tomorrow is my dream.  Did you know that Britney Spears started out like this?  First she was on Star Search and then the Mickey Mouse Club and then “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and now she’s famous and IT ALL STARTED JUST LIKE THIS!

Isabelle: (stands and walks over to Scarlett) Look, I don’t want to be rude but the Green Room is a place where you can relax and prepare for your audition.  I’m having a little trouble focusing right now with all the noise. . . . . . "

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"The King Quest"      new!

5 characters, Male or Female. Age range 8 and up. Total Length: Approx 8-10 minutes.

Detective in Training Sid Shady has an important mission to find the new King of the Jews.  But it's not going very well! Written from a Christian perspective, "The King Quest" is a very funny look at what might happen if King Herod hired a detective to look for Jesus at Christmas time.

*Adding additional characters and free lengthening, is always included free with the purchase of any One Act.  

Pink Panther music plays as Sid Shady slinks into room DS, suspiciously looking around, dropping and rolling and then jumping up. Very spy entrance.  Upstage a chair swivels around revealing Detective Sam Spade.

Spade: Shady.

Sid:(screams and jumps in the air before recovering and trying to act cool) Spade. (Quickly realizing what he said) Sir. Detective Spade Sir.  

Spade: (walks DS) At ease Shady.  We have a new mission from King Herod.  

Sid: From the King? Like THE KING? THE KING OF GALILEE? Whoa. This is big. This is really, really big.  

Spade: And very hush hush. Were you followed?

Sid: No sir boss. Mr. Boss. Sir.  I mean there were some hinky looking Pharisees hanging around the temple when I was delivering the package but I pretended to be a blind beggar and they lost interest.  (Rubbing back of head) It was a little painful but the package was delivered.  

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"Christmas Toy Tales"      new!

5 Male, 5 Female. Age Range: 8 and up. Total Length: Approx: 10 - 15 minutes.

It's Christmas at the Resale shop and all the Toys are hoping to be sold.  But first they have to tell new toy Mickey how they all got there.  Featuring great characters like Batman and Wonder Woman, this play is filled wtih wonderful holiday spirit. Royalty rights included in fee.  

*This published One Act Play includes the ensemble scene “Christmas Toy Tales” which is listed as a 5 minutes and under scene on the Ensemble page.

" . . . . . .Sparkle: GI do I need to dose you with Christmas dust again?  

GI Joe: No, no, anything but that.  I am very Christmasy. (Does goofy pose)  HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  See?

Batman: (strides up to Mickey and Sparkle)  I am Batman. (pose dramatically) Are you in danger?  Are the victim of an evil villain?  Do not worry.  Do not fear.  I, Batman (pose dramatically again) will save you.  

Wonder Woman: (runs up to Mickey and sparkle and proudly stands)  Or I, Wonder Woman, will save you. . . . . . . . . . " 


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"Stop Telling me to be Thankful"      new!

13 Female, 7 Male. Age Range: 8-16. Total Length: Approx. 30 minutes.

"Stop Telling Me to be Thankful (or how Spock Saved Thanksgiving)" is a funny, warm look at the past when a teenage girl - who is NOT thankful - is transported back in time to experience the First Thanksgiving.   Historically accurate with the exception of Squanto (who appears as Spock in modern times) this play is perfect for school presentations.  The set can be as elaborate or as minimal as your require. Royalty rights included in fee. 

" . . . . Jo: Let it Go, Let it Go. Can’t hold it back anymore.  Let it Go, Let it Go (pause and look confused) What’s the next line?  Something about a door.  (raises voice and calls) Pippa! Pippa!  I can’t remember the next line.  What comes next?

Pippa: (entering either carrying schoolbooks or wearing a backpack.  Very bad mood) I don’t know and I don’t care.  

Jo: Whoa.  Grumpy much?  (Pippa folds her arms and glares angrily into distance.  After a short pause Jo says) How can you be in such a bad mood?  It’s the start of Thanksgiving vacation.

Pippa:  It’s a stupid holiday.  All people do is eat too much and pretend to be thankful for things. I hate Thanksgiving.

Jo: (wide eyes) Okay Scrooge.  I’m just going to go say goodbye to my friends. 

Pippa: Scrooge is Christmas not Thanksgiving.

Jo: You’re a Thanksgiving Scrooge.  Bah Turkey! (Giggles at her joke and then runs over to join her friends). . . . . "

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"The Duck Menagerie"      new!

9 Male, 7 Female, 3 roles are Male or Female. Age Range: 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 10 minutes.

The Duck Menagerie is a loving tribute to Tennessee Williams “The Glass Menagerie” and is a gentle introduction to younger students of the beauties of this classic play. Filled with love and laughter, all the roles are played by ducks, geese and swans. Royalty rights included in fee. 

" . . . .AMANDA: Did you enjoy your meal of cracked corn? 

TOM: How could I?  You spent the entire meal telling me to chew my corn slower.  

AMANDA: I am just trying to improve your manners. When I was a duckling, everyone had good manners. . . .   That’s why I had so many Gentlemen Drake Callers. . . . There was Champ Drake.  He later became vice president of Duckington Bank.  

CHAMP: (enters) Hello everyone. Do you bank at Duckington Bank? (point to someone in the audience) Do you? (point to another person)  Do you?  Why not? We’re giving away a free Water tub this week for every new account.  Who doesn’t want a free Water tub?  Just (sing song this phrase like an advertising jingle) “Sign up today and you’ll be splashing away”.  (exits)

TOM: That Drake is so annoying.  Those jingles stay in my mind all day.  . . . . ."

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"Raiders of the Lost Scepter"      new!

5 M, 4 F (Some parts are M or F). Age Range: 10 and up. Total Length: 12-15 min.

3 groups converge on a jungle clearing looking for the lost McGowan Scepter.  Brave heroes, hilarious sidekicks, villains and misunderstandings result in a very funny "Raiders of the Lost Ark" type of adventure with great moments for all the actors.  

" . . . Ella: Do you want secret curses and villains and wild animals? 

Lucy: Well not necessarily but I thought we were Indiana Jones, the female version.  I was expecting danger and running and lots of escaping at the last minute.  I get a harder cardio workout when I go to school.  

Sam (entering): There was a sloth on a tree!  A real live sloth in the wild.  I tried to take a selfie with it but it ran while I was trying to get the best angle.  (get out small notebook and make a check mark)  But I’m checking it off my list.  Snake, scorpion, red eyed frog and now sloth.  (raise both arms in air triumphantly)  Yes!  

Lucy: How do you know it was a red eyed frog?  It jumped on you, you started screaming “Get it off!  Get it off!” and there was lots of flailing.  When did you look into it’s eyes? . . . . "  


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"Deadly Invitation"      new!

20 Female, 5 male (several roles can be cast M or F) Age Range: 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 30 minutes.

A madcap, funny, mysterious tribute to the game Clue, this Dinner Theater Murder Mystery with audience participation, is a wonderful production for class or fundraising.  Featuring two alternative endings with different murderers and victims, DEADLY INVITATION is sure to delight your audience.  A varied cast of characters arrives at a secluded mansion thinking they are participating in a new reality show.  But - cue dramatic music - it's all a setup.  

M4K is always happy to add additional characters or make any changes needed to accomadate your class size without any additional charge. 

*Additional excerpts including character list or additional scenes available upon request.

" . . . .You have been selected to participate in a brand new reality show!  Spend the weekend at Mystic Mansion and if you have the “Special Skills” needed, you could leave with a Million Dollars!  See you there. " 

Spotlight comes up on various groups as they react to the invitation.    

Cantrella: A million dollars?  A MILLION DOLLARS?  Get me a ticket to Mystic right away. 

Luke: The Force will be with me.  I’m going to win. 

Sasha: (hair is pulled up with a clip, speaks with sweet innocent voice)  A million dollars?  (Reaches up and unclips hair and then tosses it) You want to give it to me?  I’m so surprised.  (wicked grin) Not!  This is in the bag.

Diana: This will be no competition.  I will blow everyone else away.  (sings to the tune of Everythings Coming up Roses from the musical Gypsy) “I'll be swell! I'll be great! Gonna have the whole world on my plate! Starting here, starting now, baby everything's coming up winner!” ......."


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"Picture Day"      new!

4 Females, 2 Males. Age Range: 11 and up. Total Length: Approx. 7-10 minutes.

A girl is having a very bad day.  First she is assigned to perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet with Harold Fain and then her School Picture turns out to be incredibly, horribly bad.  Royalty rights included in fee. 

*This published One Act Play includes the scene “Picture Day” which is listed as both a 3 minutes and under scene on the Scenework: Duet Acting page and a 5 minutes and under scene on the Scenework: Duet Acting Page.

" . . . . . . .Claire:  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best picture ever ----

Zoe:  Like mine.  (poses with cute smile)

Claire:  (glaring at her) And 1 being the worse picture ever, mine is a minus 100. (tilt head thinking)   I wonder if my parents would consider moving.  

Zoe:  Oh come on, it can't be that bad.  (Claire hands the paper over to her wordlessly.  Zoe looks at it and her eyes widen)  Okay this IS pretty bad.  What happened?

Claire:  I had to sneeze.  And I didn't want my school picture to be a picture of me sneezing so I tried to stop and hold the sneeze in and (gestures with photo) that happened.

Zoe: (studying picture)  You look deformed.  Like your face is morphing into something else.  Like a werewolf.  . . . . . . . . . "

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"Save a Dragon, Save the World"      new!

2 Males/2 Females. Age range: 12 and up. Total Length: Approx. 15 minutes.

In this One Act Play, four students are giving the assignment of preparing a skit about either saving the environment, protecting endangered species, or bringing world peace.  The hilarious "Saving the Dragon, Saving the World" skit is the result. Filled with great character moments for everyone. Royalty rights included in the fee. 

*This published One Act Play includes the duologue “The Saving the Dragon, Saving the World Skit” which is listed as a 3 minutes and under scene on the Ensemble page.

" . . . . .Jack:  . . . . .  Prepare a 10 minute skit on one of these topics: Saving the Environment, Protecting Endangered Species, or Bringing World Peace.  Extra credit is given for creativity. . . . . . .

Adam: (Starts stomping around exaggeratedly again and speaking over dramatically) I am so lonely.  Woe is me!  I think I will litter.

Lidia: You can’t say I will litter.  Here. (grab a water bottle and give it to him) Finish drinking this and then throw it on the ground talking about how you are so lonely.

Adam: (looking at water bottle suspiciously) Did you drink out of this?  Because if you have a deadly disease I would get infected.  And then the entire population of Earth could be wiped out in a few days.  . . . . "

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"Ready For My Closeup"      new!

3 Females. Age Range 12 and up. Total Length Approx. 12-15 minutes.

In this One Act Play, 3 girls become obsessed with finding out what Sophie's big sister wore on her first date with a boy. With delightful debate on Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and hilarious clothing impressions, "Ready For My Closeup" offers a wonderful showcase for each actress. Royalty rights included in fee. 

*This published One Act Play includes the duologue “Ready for My Closeup” which is listed as a 3 minutes and under scene on the Ensemble page.

" . . . . . Janie: MIA IS ON A DATE WITH MY BROTHER JACK??????

Willow: Wait, wait, wait. (gestures to Sophie) Your big sister Mia is on a date with (gestures to Janie) your big brother Jack?  (smoopy expression as she clasps hands together) Awwwww.

Janie: Jack actually convinced someone to go on a date with him? You guys have met Jack right?  His entire vocabulary consists of the words (speak in surfer talk) “Dude” and “Awesome.”

Sophie: I’m still amazed that Mia convinced someone to actually ask her out.  She’s my sister and I love her but she’s kind of weird.  . . . . . "

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