We offer unique monologues that SHOWCASE your child or teen's talents and help them to be cast in the part, prepare your demo reel, or win the competition.  FREE lengthening or shortening of any monologue, ensemble scene or commercial.  Come visit our Social Media where we love to feature performing kids/teens.  Own the moment with Monologues4kids!  




M4K is excited to announce the publication of our first paperback collection.  Audition Commercials for Kids & Teens is now available to purchase on AmazonView here. We are now also offering Demonstration videos of our monologues with more to come!  View Videos  


 M4K has hundreds of monologues you can download immediately.  Click on the link to see more in that category or click on our search button!  

Monologues are listed in suggested age order but if the list is too long and you would like monologue suggestions based on what your performing kid/teen is looking for, feel free to email us at monologues4kids@gmail.com.  M4K is always happy to help. 

NEW COMEDIES: Quarantine, Dog Days, Pick Me, I Hate Princesses! View comedies.  

NEW 30 SECOND MONOLOGUES:  Virtual Boy, Embracing My Pink.  View 30 Second Monologues.

NEW DRAMAS:  1 Week, 6 Hours and 7 Minutes, One More Drink.  View Drama Monologues.

NEW COMMERCIALS  Kinetic Sand, Rethink Water.  View Commercials.

NEW ENSEMBLE SCENES  Snakes!, Wilding.  View Ensemble Scenes. 

NEW DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS  Goldie Takes Charge, Paree, Super Average.  View Demonstration Videos.

NEW ONE ACT PLAYS  Raiders of the Lost Scepter.  View One Act Plays. 

NEW PUPPET SHOW  Rapunzel's Amazing Adventure.  View Duet Acting including Puppet Show.



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MONOLOGUES4KIDS also offers custom Preschool programs, Puppet Shows, Introductions, Speeches, Pageant Performances & Workshop Requirements.  Let M4K fulfill all your kid/teen acting needs!                                                                                   



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