Scenework : Ensemble Scenes over 3 min.

Ensemble scenes featuring 3 or more actors over 3 minutes. Ideal for Thespian competitions, Theater classes and performing arts performances.  Listed in order of age.  Extra characters added upon request for no extra charge. 

Order a Custom Duologue/Ensemble Scene      new!

Do you need a performance scene for a Thespian competition, audition, acting class or workshop? A Custom Duologue or Custom Scene, showcasing your child's strengths, is the perfect opportunity for your child to shine.

Call or Email us and Gerrie will work with you to create a unique duologue or ensemble scene. Discounts always available for Drama Teachers. 

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Custom Duologues/Scene: $25.00
Duologues/Scenes Online: $10.00


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"The Dance of the Snowflakes"      new!

11 M or F. Age range: 1 Adult (or teen), 10 characters 4-6. Total Length: 5-6 minutes

Perfect for a Winter or Christmas program for Preschool/Kindergarten, this delightful scene features an older Narrator with 10 younger children.  Gather round for a tale as old as time, the "Dance of the Snowflakes".

All Snowflakes have female names but these can be easily changed to male.  

" . . . . . Mira: What’s happening?  I don’t feel very good.

Clea: I hate the wind!

All the Snowflakes are twitching and sinking down to the ground.

Shayla: I can’t move anymore.  

Gemma: Help!  Help!  Someone please help us!

Narrator: The South Wind’s plan was working.  Soon the little Snowflakes would melt away and be gone forever.  But all was not lost.  The North Wind had heard the cries of the Snowflakes and rushed to save them.   The North Wind quickly blew a breath of cold, frosty air over the Snowflakes. . . . . . "

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"Rumble in the Jungle"      new!

13 M or F. Age Range: One Adult (or Teen) 12 characters 4 - 8. Total Length: Approx: 6-7 minutes.

A wonderful piece perfect for a study on the environment or an end of the year program.  This delightful scene features a Teacher who has taken her students on a camping trip in the jungle.  With group singing, a charade moment and lots of group lines, this comedic scene will delight actors and audience.  

" . . . .Teacher:  What do you mean?  (she looks at her shoulder where there is a big spider)  Spider!!!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!  (teacher starts brushing her shoulder and jumping around panicking)  Get it off, get it off, get it off.  I hate spiders.  I hate the jungle.  (all the kids gasp with shock) 

Caleb:  I think this is the Rumble. 

Everyone:  Rumble.  Rumble.  Rumble.

Teacher:  AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Everyone:  Jungle.  Jungle. Jungle.

Teacher:  I want to go home!!!!

Everyone:  Rumble in the Jungle.  Rumble in the Jungle. 

Teacher:  I’m so scared of spiders. 

Chloe:  Mantra time.  Say it with us.

Everyone & Teacher: 

Are you ready to ride?
We’re going to the jungle.
Just jump in the jeep
And rumble in the jungle

Everyone:  We love the Jungle! 

Teacher:  Except Spiders."

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"Flunking Fairy Spells?"      new!

4-5 Females. Age Range: 6-12. Total length: Approx. 4 minutes

Fairies Glitter, Pip, Snowdrop and Lavender are all attending Fairy School. But Pip is flunking Fairy Spells! 

Longer Version with 5 characters, is also included with this purchase.  

" . . . . Pip: (suddenly yelling loudly) I’M FLUNKING FAIRY SPELLS?  FLUNKING? (flustered and panicking) What does this mean? Am I going to be kicked out of Fairy School? What will I do? What will I do?  

Glitter: Let me see that. (reading) Congratulations Glitter. You did a wonderful job yesterday.  Your fairy dust sparkled and you created a lovely rainbow out of stardust and moonbeams. (looks up at others proudly) This is great. I don’t understand why you’re upset.

Lavender: (grabbing the paper) You’re only reading the part about you. Let me see it. (reading) Dear Lavender Blue, we love you.  Whether you’re blue or whether you’re green, you’re the best Flower Fairy we’ve ever seen. . . . . . . . "

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"Do We Get Bacon?"      new!

5 characters, Male or Female. Age range: 6-12. Total length: Approx. 4 minutes.

A new person on the farm has all the farm animals worried. Except for Duffy the dog who is very confused about everything.  All he wants is bacon!

" . . . . Dilys: Are you feeling okay Gertie?

Lucy: You never like anyone. Ever.

Puddy: Are you a pod goat? Did Aliens take over your body?

Duffy: (shocked) Aliens took over Gertie? We have to hide. Everyone hide. And bring bacon because we’ll need to eat while we hide.  

Puddy: (glaring at Duffy) Bring Bacon?

Duffy: And other things too like sausages and meatballs and other food things. Let’s go, let’s go. Everyone hide.  

Lucy: Duffy, stop!  Aliens did not take over Gertie. . . . ."  

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"Teddy Bear Picnic"      new!

3 Male or Female. Age range 6-12. Total Length: Approx 3-4 minutes.

Three Teddy Bears prepare for the Teddy Bear Picnic.  A delightful scene which can be performed by boys or girls with minimal stage and costume requirements.

"At Rise: Lights come up to see three teddy bears.  Each of the three teddy bears has a bear ear headband and wears a bow of some kind around their neck.  Talley is lying face down on the floor.  Tory is on a chair sideways with one leg hanging off.  Tansy is sitting on another chair in the center very prim and proper.  

Talley: Are they gone?

Tansy: (Looking around)  Yes.

Talley: (stands up and stretches) Why does Amy always leave me face down on the ground?  My face is getting so dirty.  (rubs face)

Tory: (trying to sit up and ends up falling off the chair) Oof!  

Tansy: Are you alright Tori?

Tory: I think so.  My leg is getting a little loose.  Chelsea keeps twisting it. . . . . . . "

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"Presenting Twinkles"      new!

4 Females. Age Range: 6-12. Total length: Approx. 4.5 minutes

Dr. Barbie, Evie (a Disney Descendant Doll), and Samantha (an American Girl Doll) all wonder why the HUMAN GIRL has a new doll.  It's very confusing.  Being a Doll isn't easy especially when someone new joins the group.   

" . . . . . Dr. Barbie: Yes that’s it, my Steth uh . . . . stepha . . thingie.  Where did she put it?  I’m supposed to wear it.

Evie: Are you sure you’re a doctor?

Dr. Barbie: Of course I’m sure.  I’m Dr. Barbie.  Stylish AND smart.

While Evie and Dr. Barbie have been talking, Samantha has noticed Twinkles back in the corner.  She tiptoes up to her.  Twinkles has been watching Evie and Dr. Barbie talk and has not noticed her.  

Samantha: (suddenly says) Hi!  I’m Samantha.  I’m an American Girl doll.  Who are you?  Are you new?

Twinkles: (is startled and shrieks and jumps as she says) Ahhhh!!!!!!

Samantha: Your name is Ahhhhhh!  That’s a very strange name.  . . . . . . "

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"Wilding"      new!

8 M or F. Age Range: One Adult (or Teen) and 7 younger characters. Total Length: Approx. 8 - 10 minutes.

One day the grandchildren of "Where the Wild Things Are" decide that they are very tired of hearing the story of Max and his adventures.  They want to go on their own adventure.  "Wilding" is perfect for class performances with young students.  

*Please contact M4K is you need additional roles and we will be happy to edit Wilding for you.

"Teacher:  Once upon a time there was a boy named Max who lost his temper and was sent to his room without any dinner.  Then he found himself in a magical forest where the wild things are. . . . . The grandchildren heard the story many times.  They knew every line in the story.  They knew every monster.  But each year they listened till one year they didn’t.  They ran to Mia’s room.  They said “We can’t listen to this story again.”

Kids:  (turning around)  “We can’t listen to this story again.”

Teacher:  They said “We know every line.”

Kids:  (kids walk forward and stand beside the Teacher as they say):  “We Know every line.”

Teacher:  (steps back so she is behind the line of kids, upstage)  “They said we know every monster.”

Kids:  “We know every monster.”

Teacher:  This year they decided to make a change.  (Teacher walks to downstage right where a podium is set up and places the book on the podium leaving the children alone on the stage) They said:  “We want to have a Wild adventure of our own”. . . . ."

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"I Got the Peace!"      new!

3 Male/2 Female. Age range 6-12. Total length: Approx: 3-4 minutes.

A boy decides to give his dream toy away for Christmas.  Written from a Christian perspective, this scene explores friendship and the spirit of giving.  

" . . . . . .Jack: What did you ask Santa for this year?  I asked for a Legos Police Station.   

Tim: I asked for a Legos Fire Station.  I’m going to be a Fireman.

Jack: I’m going to be a Policeman.  

Tim/Jack: Saving the World together.  (both pose in studly cop/fireman poses back to back.  Girls roll their eyes)

Anna:  I asked Santa for a Barbie Town House.  It has three floors and an elevator.  

Lucy: I asked Santa for a Disney Princess Royal Cash register.  It has a scanner!    

Anna/Lucy: Saving the World with fabulousness.  (Both pose in drama diva styles)  . . . . . . "

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"The Tortoise and the Hare"      new!

3 Male or Female. Age range 6-12. Total Length: Approx 4 minutes.

What really happened during the Tortoise and the Hare race?  A babysitter challenges her charges to act out the story.  

Note:  Scene was written for 3 girls but can easily be changed to boys or girls and boys.  Also girls age is listed as 10 but age can also be changed.

" . . . . . Grace: That’s enough!  I think it’s story time.

Lois: Storytime?  We’re 10 years old, not 5.

Grace: Too bad.  Sit down and listen.  (This is a very famous story called The Tortoise and the Hare.  Once upon a time (Lois rolls her eyes and takes out her cell phone and starts scrolling).  Lois, put your phone away.

Lois: But I know this story.  The Tortoise wins a race because the Hare goofs off.

Grace: I’m not going to tell that story.  (Lois and Molly stand up and cheer) I’m going to direct that story.  And you two are going to act it out. . . . . " 

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"Pig Power"      new!

3 Females. Age Range 8-12. Total Length Approx. 3-4 minutes.

The Big Bad Wolf is suing the 3 Little Pigs for Personal Injury after huffing and puffing and trying to blow their house down. 

". . . . .Lily: (grabs Lacy’s hand and pulls it down) Why are you waving to the Big Bad Wolf? He wants to blow our house down.  He’s the enemy!

Lacy: You know I’ve been doing some reading Lily and I think the reason Mr. Big is always acting out —

Lily: Acting out?

Lacy: I think he’s lonely.  Maybe he has low self esteem and he just needs someone to give him some positive attention.  (waves to audience again and says) I love your outfit Mr. Big.  You’re looking awesome today.  (does a thumbs up) 

Lucy: (rushing in)  Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. We’re doomed!  Doomed! What will we do? What will we do? . . . . . . "   

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"Treasure Hunt"      new!

3 M or F. Age range 8-12. Total Length: Approx 4 minutes.

A rainy day.  A treasure map.  Three bored kids suddenly have a very exciting, unexpected adventure.

Note:  Scene was custom written for 3 girls but can easily be changed to boys or girls/boys as lines are all gender neutral.  

" . . . . Chloe: There’s nothing to do!  I can’t believe that Granny Wren has no internet, no television, and no cell service.  (whining) I’m dying of boredom. . . .

Abby: I’ve been exploring the attic.  Look what I found.  (Holds out a rolled up scroll) It’s a treasure map.

Ella: A treasure map?  How exciting!

Chloe: Oh please.  As if anything ever happens here in Boring Manor.

Abby: Tale a look.  (Chloe finally stands up and walks over as Abby shows map to the girls.  All 3 are gathered around in a huddle.  Abby in the center with Chloe and Ella on either side) This is a map of the house.  There are three X’s.  It’s a treasure map.  I’m sure of it. . . . . "

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"The Magic Sneakers"      new!

3 Females. Age Range: 8-14. Total Length: Approx: 4-5 minutes.

Sidney, the Scarecrow's daughter, finds a pair of Magic Sneakers and convinces Tessa (the Tinman's daughter) and Lucinda (the Lion's daughter) to join her on a quest to Follow her Dreams to another world.  A fun tweak on the characters in the Wizard of Oz.  

*Story can be easily changed to male characters by changing the names.

" . . . . . . Lucinda: (screams terrified) Where are we?  Ahhhhh!!!!  

Sidney: (gazing around in wonder) They worked.  The magic sneakers worked.    

Tessa: I don’t think we’re in Oz anymore Sidney.  Oh my goodness. . . . . . . . . 

Sidney: The sign says “Open the Door and Follow Your Dreams”.

Lucinda: Open the door?  OPEN THE DOOR?  What if we open the door and the Wicked Witch flies out?  Or Flying Monkeys?  

Tessa: What do we do Sidney?

Sidney: We open the door.  Maybe we’ll find The World of Dorothy.  

Lucinda: Or the World of Flying Monkeys! . . . . . . "

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"Super Cupid"      new!

2 Females. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 5 minutes.

Angel Loriel has always wanted to be a Guardian Angel.  Being assigned as a Cupid has her fuming until she accidently discovers her secret power.  Hilarious duologue filled with great moments for both performers.  

" . . . . .Loriel: Let’s talk about your hopes and dreams.  Do you need guidance to help you achieve your goals in life?

Carlie: Hmm. Well, (tilt head thinking) my goal in life right now is to try to find some way to keep my brother from reading my diary.  No matter where I hide it, he keeps finding it.  Last week he posted a picture of the page where I talked about my Frog Fear on Instagram and now everyone keeps teasing me and giving me frogs!       

Loriel: Your brother is ----------(fling arm out in same gesture as before but Carlie interrupts her before she can finish the sentence.  Carlie again has a sappy, dreamy expression on her face)

Carlie: The most wonderful brother in the entire world?  I love him so much.  I love it when he tells all my secrets.  I love all his silly little jokes.  Putting a frog in my bed was so creative and he looked so happy when I started screaming.  

Loriel: No, no, no!  Stop!  This is my fault.  You don’t have the most wonderful brother in the world.  You only think that because I aimed an arrow at you.  (look at hands holding them out in front of her) I guess my hands are arrows.  (look up at sky) It would be nice if someone told me these things. . . . . )

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"Elves on Strike"      new!

6 characters, Male or Female. Age range 8-14. Total Length: Approx 5 minutes.

The Elves are on strike.  "No toys, no games, till the Elves are treated the same."  

***A version with 8 characters is also included in this purchase. 

"Eeebar and Oookla"      new!

1 Female, 2 M or F. Age Range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 4-5 minutes.

Catherine has been given the job of showing the 2 new students around the school. Eeebar and Oookla are trying to blend though it's a little difficult when you are from another planet!    

" . . . . . Catherine: I’m on the student council and I am also in choir and Drama Club.  We’re having auditions for Peter Pan next Tuesday if you’re interested.  I’m auditioning for Peter. (stand with legs apart and point one arm in air and put other at hip as you say) “Second Star to the right and straight on till morning.”  

Eeebar: (looks alarmed)  Second star to the right? Meepbor?  

Oookla: (frightened) She is a Meepborian?  (start turning in a circle saying in a panicked voice) Haa!  Haa!  Haa!

Eeebar: (grabs Oookla and stops her) Control your bodily unit.  . . . . . . "

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"Feeling Groovy"      new!

3 Females. Age range 8-14. Total Length: Approx. 3.5 minutes.

While cleaning the attic, Hildy and Becca find a Genie in a trunk who whisks them off to the 1960's!

" . . . . . Becca: Is it over? What happened? That was scary.

Hildy: Maybe it was some kind of electricity thing?  

Becca: That’s probably it. For a minute I thought we were being invaded by aliens.

Hildy:  I thought it was a monster or a ghost. Attics are so creepy. But it’s stopped now and we’ll probably never know what happened.  
Jeannie: I know what happened. It was me! (Jeannie steps forward)

Becca/Hildy: (grab each other as they scream) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Jeannie: Greetings.  I’m Jeannie.  The Jeannie of the trunk. (put hands in namaste position and bow) Are  you ready to go? . . . . . "


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"Go, Go Environment"      new!

1 Male, 3 Females. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

A boring Science Fair presentation turns hilarious when a student team present their entry dressed as Environmental Superheroes. 

"Amanda: Good day.  My name is Amanda River and as part of the Science Fair my group will be doing a presentation on the environment.  . . . . . Um . . . . so . . . . .

Luke: (walks out from one side of stage.  Talk robotically like the Terminator, hands on hips) Earth is being destroyed.  Pollution is killing us. Come with me if you want to live!

Dana: (walks out from other side of stage.  Claps hands and saying singsongy like a cheerleader with each sentence) Let’s get lean!  Let’s go green!  (Jump in air as if doing a cheer)  Go Team Green!

Sara: (walks out to center of stage waving hi) Have you hugged a tree today? Or a bunny? Trees and animals needs hugs too.. . . ."

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"Christmas Toy Tales"      new!

5 characters, Male or Female. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-4 minutes

It's Christmas at the Resale shop and every Toy has hopes and dreams of being loved by a child again. 

" . . . . Mickey: Where am I?  What is this place?  I don’t like it here.  I want to go home. 

New toys stir.  GI Joe walks over.  Twin Dolls walk over in step, Sparkle dances over.

GI Joe: State your name, type of toy and former residence. Mickey: I don’t understand.

GI Joe: (to the other toys)   Signs of resistance.  I repeat, state your name, type of toy and former residence.

Mickey: (big eyes)  I’m Mickey Mouse.

Sparkle: Relax GI, it’s just a new Disney toy.

GI Joe: (suspiciously) How do we know he’s not a spy?. . . . . . . . "

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"Witchlings"      new!

4 Females. Age Range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-4 minutes

A runaway elf tries to fit in at Witchling Academy. 

" . . . . Mira: You mean you think you should skip Spells class just in case you turn Miss Ginerva into a frog again.

Celeste: It was an accident!

Belinda: She looked so funny hopping after you with her wand croaking “avantibee”.  Mark was standing on a desk screaming that he has frog fear and you kept turning kids into things. (pointing at Mira) You looked so funny as a hatrack.

Celeste: I just don’t understand Spells.  I thought I was saying the words right.

Gilly: I’m sure you’ll do better today.  My uncle had a really hard time when he first started being a dentist.  He kept pulling the wrong teeth out but he got better.  

Belinda: (looks at Gilly suspiciously again)  Where did you say you were from again?

Gilly: Um . . . . up north.  . . . . "

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"Tale as Old as Time"      new!

5 characters, Female. Age range: 8-14. Total Length: Approx. 5 minutes.

Wonder Woman Barbie Doll, Ever High Raven Doll,
Shinjuku Fashion Koe Doll, American Girls Camille Doll and Disney Belle Doll find themselves magically brought to life by a despairing Magician.  They decide to band together to help the Magician save her job.

*Includes musical phrases sung by the Belle doll and a brief appearance by an extra character, The Magician, at the beginning of the scene. 

"Magician: Good night little dolls.  I’m sorry I have failed. I wish there were a magic word like “Shazam” that would bring you alive. But I fear I am not a very good magician. Maybe it’s time to give up my dreams and get a normal job. One last show and then I’ll move on.  I will miss you. After magician exits dolls start to move.  They look astonished and surprised.  

Belle: “I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere.” (gasp) I can move!  I can sing!

Camille: Why am I on the ground?  Are my legs broken?  

Koe: Konichiwa. (surprised) I can talk too. I wonder if I can go shopping.

Raven: (lowers arm) I can finally put my arm down. (shakes arm) I’m so sore. (stand up and stretch) That was such a strange position.  

Wonder Woman: (Jumps down from block and looks around suspiciously) Why can we suddenly move?  Why can we suddenly speak?  There must be something evil afoot.  . . . . . ) 

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"The Great Girl Guides Biscuit Saleoff"      new!

4 Females. Age Range 9 -14. Approx. 4-5 minutes.

Madison is determined to win the Great Girl Guides Biscuit Saleoff.  The prize is a trip to Iceland!  It just takes a little planning.  

*This is based on Girl Guides but can be altered to Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookies upon request.

" . . . . . . .Eloise:  Well I'm not really good with the whole "selling thing" so I just gave them to my Mum and she bought them all and gave them to members of the family.  

Madison:  WHAT?

Eloise:  There's nothing in the rules against your Mum buying all your biscuits.  I just hate asking people to buy things.  It makes me break out in hives. (Madison is glaring at her) Besides, Chloe only sold 5 boxes.  And she bought them all herself.

Chloe: (shocked)  Eloise! That was a secret. You promised you would never tell anyone.  

Eloise: (cringing) I'm sorry.  Madison was yelling at me and I have no will power. . . . . . ."

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"Hug a Forest"      new!

3 Female. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx 4 minutes.

Meeting the "Spirit of the Forest" when you're lost in the woods turns out to be a lot more fun than Alice and Mia expect.  

" . . . .Mia: Can’t you call someone to come rescue us?

Alice: How?  We had to give our cell phones to the Hiker Guide.  To (quote) “Experience nature without social media”.  

Mia: This is all your fault.  I could be on a beach eating ice cream.  Instead, I’m going to starve to death in the Forest.

Alice: We ate lunch 30 minutes ago.  

Mia: All that walking made me hungry again.  (drops says in an affected, overly dramatic voice) Just leave me here.  Save yourself.

Willow: (standing and walking down clapping to join them)  Wow.  Great scene.  What happens next?  This has been better than the theater.  I wish I had some popcorn.

Alice and Mia scream. . . . . ."

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"Please Save Me"      new!

11 M or F. Age range: 10 and up. Total Length: Approx 5 minutes.

A group of kids jump into a zoo enclosure in an effort to save endangered animal species.  The action kicks into high gear when a couple of kids try to heckle and make fun of them.  Full of passion, comedy and emotion, "Please Save Me" tugs at the heart strings while presenting a dramatic presentation.  

"At Rise: Bonnie, Clio, Raina, Jill, Freddie, Jude, Hollis, Max all gather in front of the stage each holding a sign with a picture of their endangered animal on it.

Freddie:  This is it.  Is everyone ready? (everyone answers individually)  We jump over the fence, we find a spot and we stay there no matter what happens.  Don’t move until they drag us out.    

Hollis:  (To Raina who is standing a little apart from everyone else, looking very nervous)  Are you okay Raina?

Raina:  Oh yea, I’m fine.  Just a little nervous.  I’ve never done anything like this before. 

Bonnie (joining them)  Me either but we need to do something dramatic so our voices can be heard. 

Raina:  I know.  I’m totally with you.  I’m just scared of what my Mom is going to say.

Max:  She’s going to say she’s proud of you for taking a stand. 

Raina:  You don’t know my Mom. . . . . ."

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"Supers"      new!

5 Males. Age Range 10 and up. Approximately 8 minutes.

Five Superheros who have lost their powers try to find a way to get their powers back.

*Easily adapted to Female Version.

"Mighty Max: Well it’s official.  We’ve been taken off the Superhero list and put on the Inactive list.  (Velocity goes from sitting cross legged to flopping down flat on his back starfishing. Merrick continues glaring straight ahead.  Beast Boy’s hands turn into fists as he thrusts them up in the air with determination still keeping his eyes closed.  Blink slithers over behind Mighty Max.  Mighty Max turns around and confronts Blink holding out one of the papers.)  Here’s your official notification.  

Blinkvisible: How did you know I was here?

Mighty Max: I can see you. 

Blinkvisible: No you can’t see me.  I’m (striking a pose with both arms in a wide V) BLINKVISIBLE.  Blink (blink eyes very dramatically) and I turn invisible.  

Velocity: (sitting up) Blink, we can see you.  You’ve lost your powers.  

Blinkvisible: No I haven’t.  I refuse to lose my powers.  You’re just guessing where I am because you can hear my voice. . . . . "

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The Power of Three      new!

3 M or F. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx 4 minutes.

The final competition before being accepted to the McElligot Magician School is NOT going well for 3 nervous candidates.  Until they decide to join forces and unleash "The Power of Three".

Note:  Scene was custom written for 3 girls but can easily be changed to boys or girls/boys as lines are all gender neutral.  

" . . . . . .Charlotte:  Just watch.  (Pulls out a shiny gold coin from her pocket and holds it up in the air) Do you see this coin?  Abracadabra, alakazam!  Poof!  (Flings arm away) It’s gone!  (Coin falls to floor)  

Emily: (stands up and walks over and points at it) I found it.  It’s right there on the floor. 

Charlotte: (picks up the coin and shoves it in her pocket) Well sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Harper: I’m having the same problem.  I am so good at making things levitate but ever since I got here, nothing is going up. 

Charlotte: What about you Emily?  What kind of magic tricks do you do?

Emily: I pull animals out of my hat.  (She reaches into the hat and pulls out a stuffed bunny) Behold Binky the Bunny.

Harper: It’s a stuffed bunny. . . . . "

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"Eagles Beware!"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 4 minutes.

3 Birds join together for protection when a Trained Eagle targets one of the birds.  

Scene can be easily changed to 2 Females and 1 Male upon request.  

" . . . . . Olivia: Now can we please go find another Birdstand?  That one doesn’t have any mouse pies.  The sign says they have mouse pies but do they have them?  No. There are no mouse pies. Bark, Bark.

Remy: Olivia stop barking. You’re not a dog. You’re an Owl.  

Olivia: I am a Barking Owl and when Barking Owls are upset, they bark.  Bark, Bark.

Kelly: Pssst.

Remy: But you don’t sound like an owl.  You sound like a dog.  It’s embarrassing.  Why can’t you hoot like other owls? (Remy gasps and then glares at Olivia.  Olivia glares back at Remy.  Kelly gets between them, pushes them apart and says.)

Kelly: Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.

Olivia: Kelly, why are you making that sound?

Kelly: There is an Eagle following me.. . . . "

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"Looking for a King"      new!

4M, 4F, 1M or F. Age Range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx 5 minutes.

A frustrated reporter is trying to find Jesus.  But giggly girls and silly boys leave the reported confused.  Is Jesus the King of the Jews?  A fun, modern look at teen life during that time. 

" . . . . Chloe: You look so cute!  I am totally jealous.  I begged my Mom to get me a new head covering but she was all “We have to purchase goats which are far more important than a new head covering.”  (Pouts) My Mom likes goats more than me.

Jessica: Oh no Chloe, I’m sure that’s not true.  You parents are just thinking ahead.  Some day those goats might be part of your dowry.  

Elise: Puh-leeze.  Who cares about goats?  (To Chloe) Or your dowry.  Alanna, I want to hear the latest gossip about Jesus.  Did he really get lost at Passover?

Alanna: So lost.  His parents had to search for him everywhere.  Mr. “Future King” and he can’t even keep from getting lost.

Reporter: Did you say Future King?  I’m sorry I couldn’t help overhearing you. . . . . "

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"Wands Up"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Three students at Wizarding School are given their first time travel assignment.  One to the 1950's, one to the 1980's and one to the 2050's.  But Abby is panicking.  

*Costumes relating to the era each girl is assigned are needed in this skit.

" . . . . . . Abby: What if they scream?  What if they put me in a cage?  What will I do?

Jessica: Abby, you’re a wizard.  If they put you in a cage, just flick your wand and get out of the cage.  

Abby: I don’t like my time period.  I don’t know anything about the 1950's.  (gesture to skirt) Why is a there a dog on my skirt?  Why do they have a song called “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”  Why are dogs so important in the 1950's?

Jessica: Beats me.  I want to know why people in the 1980's dress so weird?  Look at these. (indicate leg warmers) They’re called Leg Warmers.  Why were people’s legs so cold in the 1980's?  

Piper: Come on guys, stop whining.  I’m going to the future and nobody knows the future.  Who knows what I’ll find.  Maybe there are no people in the 2050's.  Maybe everyone is a robot. . . . . . "

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"Supervillain Bromance"      new!

Male. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx 4-5 minutes.

What happens when four Supervillains meet?  Captain Darkness, The Deadly Dark, The Hammer and Gore argue over who is the scariest Supervillain.  

Includes shorter version with 2 Supervillains:  Captain Darkness and The Deadly Dark. 

" . . . . Captain: I see.  (Takes a couple of steps and then turn back) The Deadly Dark.  D.D.   (Crouch down and speak like a little kid acting frightened) “Oh I’m so scared.  Look up in the sky, it’s D.D.”

Deadly: Ha ha, very funny.  And I don’t fly.  I creep in out of the darkness to work my evil deeds. (take a few steps CS, in a sneaky stealthy way)

Captain: (take an aggressive swooping step towards CS)  Well I swoop in out of the dark to work my evil deeds.  (Both are up close and glaring at each other)  

Deadly: My name is awesome.  I’m very scary.

Captain: My name is awesome.  I’m even more scary.

Deadly:   Fine.  We’re both scary. . . . . "

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"Snakes"      new!

10 M or F. Age Range: 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 4-5 minutes.

A group of kids having a "Jungle Adventure" meet a group of kids living in the jungle, stranded after a shipwreck.  Funny with a strong environment theme and a persistent running joke about a snake.  

" . . . Phillip: Does anyone hear anything?  Sounds like whispering.

Quinn: Relax Phillip.  No one is lurking in the trees whispering.  

Sawyer: Unless it’s your snake girlfriend following us.  I’ve heard snakes can move pretty fast when they slither on the ground.

Quinn: (makes a hissing, whispering sound) Phillipssssss.  I wantssssss yousssss.

Phillip: (stands up nervously) That is really not funny.  Can we please talk about something else?  

Gemma: Calm down Phillip.  We’ll stop teasing you.  Let’s talk about the next step in our Jungle Adventure. . . . . "

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"Cooking Camp"      new!

3 F. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx 3.5-4 minutes.

A cooking camp competition turns into a hilarious disaster.

" . . . . Voice: You have 30 minutes left.

Lucy: My patties are perfect.  (makes a chef’s kiss) Into the oven.  (starts to place patties in oven when she straightens up with a look of horror) I forgot to turn the oven on.  The patties have to cook for at least 45 minutes.  They won’t be done in time.  My lunch is ruined.  

Livy:  (Livy walks over to look at Lucy’s station) There must be something we can do.

Sarah: Uh guys? (raises hand again) Something smells like it’s burning.

Livy: My bacon!  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (rushes back over to her station.  Looks down and then says) It’s burnt.  My dinner is ruined. . . . . . "

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"Triple Threat Trio"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 4.5 minutes.

Three friends, competing in dance, drama and singing at a competition, have a hilariously bad competition.  

" . . . . . Lacey: I said good luck.  Even though I blew it I still want you to win Dana.

Dana: You said good luck. You never say good luck to actors. You have to say break a leg. Oh no. I’m doomed.  

Melanie: Don’t be silly. You’ll be great. Now get out there and own that stage. We’ll be cheering. 

Lacey: There she is. (pointing out in the audience) I love this monologue. (starts speaking as if saying the monologue with Dana) “Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.  What's Montague? It is not hand, nor foot. . . . . (horrified face)  Did she just say tis not a belly button? Nor elbow?  That’s not the line.

Melanie: Is that rap? Is she rapping? (puts hands over her eyes again)  

Lacey: (saying unbelievingly) “Yo Romeo, hey Romeo. You’re looking so good, now join the hood.” This is a trainwreck.  Look, she’s done.  Melanie, take your hands off your eyes and clap. . . . . ."

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"Be the Tree"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Volleyball class is replaced with Acting Class.  And now the Teacher wants them to "Bend, Be, and Break" dramatically. What is she talking about?  Be the Tree?  

" . . . . . Liz: I don’t understand. Now we’re supposed to be a tree? How can anyone be a tree? A tree is a plant. It doesn’t have thoughts or feelings. It’s just there.  

Marty: (takes a few steps back and forth as she says these lines) Be the tree. BEE THE TREEE.  (Suddenly put her hands in the air and start swaying) It’s windy. And the wind is pushing me around. But I stand firm. (stop swaying and just stand there with arms in the air) I am the tree.  

Jane:  That’s so good Marty. Let’s see. My tree is shy. (wrap arms around herself) And even though she wants to talk to the other trees, she doesn’t know what to say. So she just wraps her leaves around herself and listens.  (looks out into audience and jumps a little with her arms still wrapped around herself) I’ve got it Ms. Dodd. Look. I am the tree.

Liz: (she has just been standing there as the others become a tree with a confused and disbelieving expression on her face.  Suddenly looks out at audience) Yes Ms. Dodd? Be the tree?  I’m just a little confused about the whole being a tree thing.. . . . . (awkwardly places her arms in air).  I feel like an idiot.. . . ."

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"Pirate Boot Camp"      new!

4 Females. Age Range: 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Official Pirate Wenches?  Absolutely not!  A hilarious look at what happens when 4 girls stage a mutiny at Pirate Boot Camp.  Argh!!!!

" . . . .Sapphire: Come on. Are you Pirates or are you Wenches? We have to seize the day and hoist the mizzanmast and keelhaul the head sail and carpe the diem.  

Starfire: I have no idea what you just said.

Tempest: Back to the whole walking the plank thing.  Not a fan.

Stormy: Sapphire’s right. We should mutiny.

Tempest: Sharks people. There are sharks in the water.  

Stormy: We should mutiny and become what we really want to be.   But we’re Pirates.  Pirates fight for what they want.  

Tempest: Sea monsters too. With tentacles. IN THE WATER.  . . . . . "

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"The First Rule of Swim Club"      new!

4 Females. Age Range 10 and up. Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Tangled auras, championship races and learning to dwim. Swim Club has never been more entertaining as 4 girls stand in line for their first day.  

" . . . . Kate: Come on Tessa, you need to let it go. It’s not your fault I beat you. After all, I am descended from a long line of great swimmers. My Grandmother and my Mother are champions.  

Tessa: You beat me once Kate. ONCE. And I’m going to win that race this year. Your championship is not going to last long. 

Olivia: Whoa. Are you sure this is Swim Club and not Fight Club?  

Daisy: Tessa, you can’t swim when your aura is all tangled up like this.  Now repeat the mantra.. . . . . ."

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"The Favorite Disney Princess of All"      new!

3 Females. Age range 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 4-5 minutes.

Belle, Elsa and Ariel argue about who is "The Favorite Disney Princess of All".   

" . . . . .Ariel: (very sweetly)  Dear Judges, citizens, people of this world and people undersea. I think that I should be “The Favorite Disney Princess of All” because I love being Part of Your World and look?  (gestures with fork) I think forks are for combing your hair.  Isn’t that adorable? Remember I just want to be “up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun.” Thank you.  

Elsa: (has been silently fuming at Ariel’s presentation) Hello.  You all know me.  I’m Elsa. The Elsa. The one from Frozen. The most POPULAR Disney movie of all time.  And I sang the most POPULAR song from all time, “Let it Go”.  Everyone knows my song.  Everyone knows me.  Everyone loves me. Therefore I believe that I should be “The Favorite Disney Princess of All.”  Thank you.

Belle: Ariel, Elsa what lovely presentations.  And this stage (spread arms) like a quiet village. Every speech like the one before.  Little stage, full of little Princesses but I’m here to wake you up and say (very perkily say) Bonjour! The Beast and I - oh wait he’s not a Beast anymore.  He’s a Prince.  The Prince and I would love it if you chose me to be “The Favorite Disney Princess of All.” (Curtsy) Thank you. . . . . "

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"The Not Withholding Good Squad"      new!

2 Male/3 Females. Age range: 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 4 minutes.

Handing out free sandwiches and hot chocolate at Christmas time turns into a whirlwind of selfies, sacrifices and one genuine Christmas miracle from the "Not Withholding Good Squad".  A funny, touching scene from a Christian perspective, full of emotions and social media!  Perfect for teen youth groups!  

" . . . . . Sara: Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe it.  I wasn’t even going to come today.  I was so angry.  (suddenly gasps and looks at Max) It’s the verse.

Pippa: What verse?

Sara: “Do not withhold good from those who need it when you have the ability to help”.  If I hadn’t come today, I would have withheld good.

Julie: If you hadn’t come today, I wouldn’t have known or posted about it on Facebook.  And twitter.  And Instagram. And Snapchat. (everyone stares at her) What?  I like social media.. . . . . 

Sam: I thought you didn’t believe this helps anyone.  

Max: Maybe I was wrong.

Sam: Hah!  Max admitted he was wrong.  Tweet that Julie.

Max: Once.  I was wrong once. (To Julie)  Did you really tweet that?  You can’t tweet things like that. . . . . "

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"Lost"      new!

3 F, 2 M, 2 MorF. Age Range: 14 and up. Total Length: Approx 6 - 7 minutes.

A group of spoiled rich kids get lost in the jungle resulting in nonstop hilarity and some lessons learned.  

" . . . . . Jesse: Quick question.  Does anyone know which way to go?

Darcy: (pointing stage left) That way.  I think.

Jesse: You think?  (starts to breathe heavily) Are you saying we’re lost?  Lost in the jungle?  

Edward: Of course we’re not lost.  We came . . . .(walks stage left and looks at ground) this way.  And we should go back this way.

Grace: (looking offstage stage left) Are you sure?  I don’t remember crossing a lake.  

Lila: We totally didn’t cross a lake.  I would never get my $190.00 Nikes wet.  

Grey: Just let me think a minute.  If we multiply the speed we were running by our current longitude and latitude, I can develop a formula and locate our starting point.  What speed were we running? 

Darcy: What speed we were running?  Dude, we were running at normal people speed. . . . . . . "

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