Duologues : Duet Acting, 5 min. & Under

Scenes featuring 2 actors timed to be 5 minutes and under. Ideal for Thespian competitions and timed performances around the world.  Listed in order of age.  

Order a Custom Duologue/Ensemble Scene      new!

Do you need a performance scene for a Thespian competition, audition, acting class or workshop? A Custom Duologue or Custom Scene, showcasing your child's strengths, is the perfect opportunity for your child to shine.

Email us pertinent information including ages, length of scene, comedy or dramatic theme, any particular topics or actions you are interested in and Gerrie will work with you to create a unique duologue/scene.

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"The Puppy Rescue Adventure"      new!

Male/Female. Age range: 8-12. Total Length: Approx. Length: 2-4 minutes.

Rescuing his sister and a puppy from an impending flood? Jake knew he should have stayed in bed today.  Filled with humor and suspense.  

***Can be easily adapted to Male/Male or Female/Female with name changes. 

"Jake: ...Is it your ankle?

Pippa: (nodding) Stupid rock.

Jake: (looks at watch) Okay, five minutes but then we have to keep moving.

Pippa: (sits on nearby rock or log) Sorry I dragged you out here Jake. I guess today wasn’t the best day to try and earn my Outdoor Fun Badge.

Jake: You think? Just so you know, if we drown I plan on haunting you.

Pippa: How are you going to haunt me if we’re both dead? (Jake starts to respond and then looks puzzled. Pippa smirks a little and then looks up as if hearing something) Hey. Do you hear something?

Jake: (Pauses and listens and then shrugs) No.

Pippa: It sounded like someone was crying. (Pauses and listens) There. I heard it again. Over there. (Points). . . . "

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"My Big Sister's First Date"      new!

2 Females. Age range: 8-12. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Kacie has finally been asked out on a date.  Which her younger sister and best friend discuss hilariously.   

A Shorter Version, approximately 3 minutes, is also included in this purchase.  

" . . . . . . Lucy: Here you be Kacie.  (Changing stance to look like a boy trying to be cool)  And I’ll be Bradley.  

Sophie: I can totally do Kacie.  (Sits all girly, playing with her hair)  

Lucy: (walks over to side of stage and then walks back strutting like a guy.  Stops and looks at Kacie nervously) Uh . . . . hey Kacie.  

Sophie: (in high girly, giggly voice) Oh hi Bradley.  (Gives him a little wave)  

Lucy: So uh . . . . .(looks around) that is . . . . .uh, well, I was just wondering . . . . (tugs at collar of shirt as if it’s too tight) Is it hot in here?

Sophie: (wide-eyed and clueless)   I don’t think so.  (Coos) By the way, your muscles are looking . . . . . . very muscular.

Lucy: (proudly) Thanks.  I’ve been working out.  (Strikes a he-man muscle man pose and then looks nervous again) So the thing is . . . . .  . . . . . ."

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"Talent Show Champs"      new!

M/F. Age Range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes

A brother and sister prepare to defend their crown at the Annual Talent Show. Filled with funny scenes, sassy lines, and accents, "The Reigning, Abolutely Amazing, Talent Show Champs" will bring down the House.  

" . . . . Molly: (interrupting) Excuse me?  We are the reigning Champs Darcy. We have won this Talent Show for 2 straight years. This is our hat trick year. 

Darcy: For you maybe.  But I have other things I’m into now.  Acting is for little kids.

Molly: (hands on hip in shock)  How can you say that? Don’t you remember last year and our dramatic portrayal of Mouseland? . . . . The judges loved our Mice.  And remember the year before when you owned the stage as the UPS man?

Darcy: I was pretty awesome.  (Gets into character)   Now that is what I call a mansion.  Probably the home of some hotshot Wall Street trader or something like that. . . .   (Stuffy British accent) Good morning Jeeves.  Would you mind fetching me a spot of tea? And the Grey Poupon?. . ."

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"J&J"      new!

M/F. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Jack wants adventures.  Jill just wants to finish fetching this pail of water.  A hilarious duologue with great character moments for both performers.   

A Shorter Version, 3 minutes & under, is also included in this purchase.  

" . . . . . By the way, Miss Muffet is still really upset that you broke her tuffet.  Did you see her twitter status this morning?

Jill: (outraged) She posted that on twitter?  What did she say?
Jack: Jill, hashtag “clumsy queen” hashtag “tumble loser” hashtag “tuffet destroyer” hashtag “revenge will be sweet”.   
Jill: Revenge?  Oh please.  Like I’m worried about Little Miss Muffet.  She’s afraid of spiders. Only weinies are afraid of spiders.
Jack: I’m afraid of spiders.  
Jill:   Point made.  (Smirking)  Jill 1, Jack 0.  
Jack: Ha ha.  I heard she was seen talking to the Big Bad Wolf.  I’d be careful about going to Grandma’s House anytime soon.  Or should I say tumbling to Grandma’s House anytime soon.. . . . . . . . ."
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"I Love Lucy"      new!

1 Male/2 Females. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Lucy wants to go into Show Business.  Again.  Featuring some of your favorite Lucy, Ethel and Ricky lines and great character moments.  

" . . . . . . Ricky: (folds arms)    No.

Lucy: But Ricky. . . . . . . . . 
Ricky: (shaking finger at Lucy) Lucy, I said no and that’s the end of it. Now I have to go down to the club and practice my Bobalu.  (When Ricky says Bobalu he should pose and turn and look soulfully at the audience)  My agent said Mr. Melnick loves my (pause and repeat soulful look at audience as he says) Bobalu.  (Ricky then exits as Lucy stands there glaring with her fists clenched)
Ethel (entering) Hello Lucy.  Uh oh, what’s wrong?
Lucy: Oh that Ricky makes me so mad.  He said I couldn’t be in his show this week.  And a big Hollywood producer is going to be in the audience.  This could be my big break.
Ethel: Well if Ricky says no, there’s nothing you can do. . . . . . . . . . . . ."
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"Picture Day"      new!

2 Females or 1 Male/1 Female. Age range: 8-14. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes

What do you do when your School Picture turns out incredibly bad?  A hilarious duologue as a friend tries to "spin" the reason why her friend's face looks like she's morphing into a werewolf.  

A Shorter Version, approximately 2-3 minutes and featuring 2 females, is also included in this purchase.

" . . . . Claire:  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best picture ever ----

Zoe:  Like mine. (struts about all dude I’m awesome)  

Claire: (glaring at him) And 1 being the worse picture ever, mine is a minus 100. (tilt head thinking)   It’s horrible.  I wonder if my parents would consider moving.  

Zoe:  Oh come on, it can't be that bad.  (Claire hands the paper over to him wordlessly.  Zoe looks at it and his eyes widen) Okay this IS pretty bad.  What happened?

Claire:  I had to sneeze.  And I didn't want my school picture to be a picture of me sneezing so I tried to stop and hold the sneeze in and (gestures with photo) that happened.

Zoe: (studying picture)  You look deformed.  Like your face is morphing into something else.  Like a werewolf.  A deformed werewolf.  . . . . . "

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"The King of 2nd Place"      new!

2 Males. Age range - 8-14. Total length: Approx. 5 minutes.

Great.  2nd Place AGAIN!  When your best friend always gets first place, it's hard to celebrate.  A wide range of emotions in this duologue make an excellent performance piece for actors.

A Shorter Version, approximately 1.5-2 minutes, is also included in this purchase.  

"Jack: (enthusiastically pumping fists in air) Woo hooo! First and second place.  We did it again.  

Riley: (sarcastically)  Yea for us.
Jack: (looks at Riley confused)  You don’t sound very happy.  Come on, help me celebrate.  We were the best.
Riley: No, YOU were the best Jack.  I came in 2nd place.  
Jack: So?  We still got first and second. 
Riley: (shakes ribbon at Jack in anger) Do you know many of these I have?  (gestures angrily stage right)  I could probably cover that wall with 2nd place ribbons. Every single time we do something, you always get first. We try out for a show - you get the lead and I’m in the chorus. . . .. . . . . "
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"Send Me a Snap"      new!

Male/Male. Age range: 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 4-5 minutes.

Mike's Mom has joined Snapchat as MommyofMike and says "Follow me for Mikey snaps".  His Mom is posting his entire life on social media and all his friends want Mikey snaps.  Hysterically funny scene that captures life in the social media age.  

" . . . . . . Tyler: Hey, I just got a new follower on Snapchat. Wait. (sits up straight) Dude, I think this is your Mom. MommyofMike just followed me.  

Michael: (lifting head up) What?

Tyler: Yea, she just posted her story.  It’s your Mom.

Michael: (standing up and walking over and grabbing Tyler’s phone.  Read with a tone of dread) Fun Mom with a Fun Son.  Follow me for Mikey snaps.  (say loudly and with outrage) WHAT???????. . . . . 

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"Miss Cape and Mister Hood"      new!

1 Male/1 Female. Age range: 10 and up. Total length: Approx. 4-5 minutes.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf from "Into the Woods" argue over whether the Wolf is a tortured hero like Batman and Little Red is a spy.  An extremely funny scene filled with wonderful character moments.  

A Shorter Version, approximate 3 minutes, is also included in this order. 

" . . . . The Wolf: I’m Batman.  Tortured superhero, spending my life fighting against truth and injustice and saving the day for all the little people.

Little Red: No, you’re not. You’re the Big Bad Wolf. . . . . Knock it off!  This is my big moment in the show where I get to be all sweet and spunky and the audience falls in love with me.  So get back into character and start being a slimy wolf!

Wolf: (falls to his knees and starts singing or talk singing) “Agony! When you’re trying to be good.  When the one thing you want, is to be understood.”  . . . . . . Are you lost? Are you hurt? Do you need (say name very dramatically) BATMAN to save the day?

Little Red: (Fumes a moment and then decides to give in and throws herself to the stage and grabs The Wolf’s leg. Starts speaking in a Russian spy type accent) “Yes. I am lost in ze woods and I must delivah zees very, very important basket to my grandmama.. . . . " 

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"Selfies"      new!

2 Females. Age Range 10 and up. Total Length Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Ditzy, extremely funny duologue between two girls who love taking selfies.

A Shorter Version, approximately 1.5-2 minutes is also included in this order.  

" . . . . Amy: (entering) Milla. (Takes a selfie of herself smiling) his is my happy to see you face.  Now let’s get one of us together.    

Milla: Wait! (holding out phone) Look at this.  It says taking selfies could lead to head lice.

Milla/Amy: (look at each other) Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Amy: But I don’t have head lice.  Do you have head lice?

Milla: Of course not.  But I guess random strangers might.  Like what if you met Harry Styles from One Direction and he was all “Let’s take a Selfie”.  And you’d have to stop first and say “Do you have lice?”  That would be embarrassing.

Amy: I am NOT going to ask Harry Styles if he has head lice . . . . . "

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"Nutcracker"      new!

2 Females. Age Range 10 and up. Total Length Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Sweet, funny and a little heartbreaking, in this duologue a girl tries to cheer up her best friend who just received terrible news.   Upbeat ending, with great acting levels for both actresses.  

". . . . . Jenn: It’s awful that your Mom is sick. But you’ve always wanted to be in the Nutcracker. And I bet your Mom would love to see you in it. Wouldn’t she?

Darby: Probably.

Jenn: So do the Nutcracker. It will be something you will always remember.

Darby: (smiles a little) When did you become so smart?

Jenn: . . . . Come on. We have to call Miss Kane and pretend you were trapped in an elevator and that’s why you missed class.

Darby: An elevator?

Jenn: Oh and a lady went into labor and you helped deliver the baby.

Darby: What? I don’t know how to deliver a baby.

Jenn: Miss Kane won’t know that. Oh and let’s tell her they named the baby after you. Little Darby.

Darby: Jenn. You have to stop watching those Lifetime movies. . . . . "

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"Dude Me Back"      new!

2 Males. Age range: 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3.5-4 minutes.

A boy tries to give his brother, who has asperger's syndrome, a pep talk before his first day at public school.  At times funny and at times passionately dramatic, this duologue offers actors a wide range of emotions.  

" . . . Luke: . .  I’ll be my friends, Ike and Jared.  First I’ll be Ike. (relaxes body, gets all chill like a surfer dude, changes voice) “Dude, so this is your bro?  Welcome to high school or what I like to call “legal prison.”   Nice to meetcha dude.”

Oliver: My name is Oliver.  My name is not dude.  Thank you for your welcome.  I do not understand ----

Luke: (interrupting) No Oliver, Ike calls everyone dude. He saw the Big Lewbroski once and has never recovered from it.  And you don’t even have to answer him, just nod and say dude back.  

Oliver: Nod and say dude back.

Luke: Right.  Let’s practice.  “Dude is this your bro?  Nice to meetcha Dude.”

Oliver: You forgot the part about the prison.

Luke: (frustrated) I changed my mind.  Now, just nod and dude me back.

Oliver: (robotically nods and says Dude in a monotone voice) Dude. . . . ."

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"Money, Money, Money"      new!

2 Males. Age range: 10 and up. Total Length: Approx. 4-5 minutes.

Two boys decide to hold a fundraiser to pay for a new xbox. After all, how hard could it be? 

A Shorter Version, approximately 3 minutes, is also included in this purchase.  

" . . . . Ethan: How do you do a Fundraiser? 

Matthew:  I think my Mom goes somewhere to eat and then afterwards people give money to the cause. . . .   Do you know how to cook?

Ethan: We can just throw something in the microwave.

Matthew:  Yea about that.  I'm not really allowed to touch the microwave anymore after the Tator tots incident. (trying to be casual, emphasize tiny)   There was a tiny explosion, maybe a little fire.  

Ethan:  But I don’t have a  microwave.  My Mom is all (high feminine voice) " I started cooking when I was 12. Good food should never be microwaved."

Matthew:  Your parents are weird.. . . . . ."

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"I Need A Boyfriend!"      new!

2 Females. Age range: 12 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

A hiliarious scene as Lucy and Willow try to figure out how to fit a boyfriend into Lucy's overwhelmingly busy life.   Sassy and filled with great comedic moments for actresses with great timing.

Longer Version, approximately 5 minutes, is also included with this purchase.  

"  . . . . Lucy: (passionately)  Willow, I want to be normal.  I want a boyfriend.  Help me.

Willow: Fine. (thinking a little) Maybe you could get a fatal disease. And then you’ll have to drop out of everything to rest and by the time you make a miraculous recovery you’re parents will be too relieved that you’re alive to care about a potential boyfriend.

Lucy: A fatal disease?

Willow: Okay the plan needs a little tweaking but we’ll get there.  Maybe you could break a leg?  

Lucy: Willow!

Willow: Oh look, there’s Riley.  Time to kick the “I Need A Boyfriend” plan into gear.  Go flirt!   And remember your “Oh Rileyisms”. (Lucy looks panicked as Willow pushes her off SR) Just smile and tell him he looks buff. And if you see anything you could fall over and break your leg, go for it. . . . . . "


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"The Bully Game"      new!

2 Females. Age range: 12 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

A girl confronts a former friend who is bullying her. This scene is full of intense, emotional moments that offer a dramatic showcase for both actresses.

" . . . . . . . Carys:  We do what we want, when we want.  We control this school.  (Jill falls down on knees in despair)  Am I clear?
Jill:  What happened to you Carys?  We used to be friends. Don’t you remember Elementary School?  My treehouse and reading Nancy Drew novels and swearing that no matter what we’ll always be best friends forever. . . . They use you to do all their dirty work and you let them.
Carys:  (mutters) You don’t understand. . . . . I’m not a monster.  I have cool friends and I get to go to all the cool places and have fun.  Unlike some people.
Jill:  No, you are a monster.  You’re a bullying monster. We used to be friends and now you spend all your time making people feel terrible.  You’re mean, you’re nasty, you’re ---
Carys:  (quiet voice) You’re right.  I am a bully.  I just . . . . . . .   You don’t know what it was like.  School was horrid.   . . . . . . ."
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"Not a Sheep"      new!

Male/Female. Age Range: 14 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

Packed with laugh out loud moments, this duologue takes a serious turn when Jack reveals that he is being bullied at school.  Ultimately heartwarming and uplifting, "Not a Sheep" celebrates character strength and diversity.    

" . . . . . . Sophie: Um . . . I’m a little confused Jack.  Why are we talking about sheep?

Jack:   Because that is what the world wants us to be.  A world of sheep.  For everyone to think the same, act the same, be the same. (passionately)  But Sophie, I am not a sheep.  I am a dancer.  I am a brother.  I am a Doctor Who fan. (Sophie looks at him with a what? expression on her face) . . . . .  But I AM NOT A SHEEP.

Sophie: But Jack those bullies hurt you.  I am so angry.  I can’t stop wanting to kill them.

Jack:  Please don’t kill anyone Sophie.  Prison would suck. Look, I’m okay.  I try to avoid the bullies most of the time, but when I can’t, I fight back. Yes I got a bit bruised but dancers are great kickers. Hey! What is a duck’s favorite dance?  The quackstep. (Jack flaps his arms a little like wings) Where did the computer go to dance?  To a disc-o! (Jack does the John Travolta Saturday night live disco move with one arm up and then down and then walks closer to Sophie and does the Batman eye disco moves until finally Sophie starts giggling) . . . . ."

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"Panic Attack"      new!

Two Females. Age range: 14 and up. Total length: Approx. 3-5 minutes.

A girl suffers a panic attack at the thought of going to a party which leads to a hilarious response from her best friend. Funny, thought provoking and a good showcase for both actresses. 

" . . . . . . . Ellen: How do you know I don’t have a nervous disorder?  What if I have a panic attack? What if I walk in, wearing my red dress, and everyone hates it?  (change to a snooty, upper crust voice) “Oh, you’re wearing red?  No one wears red to these gatherings. It’s a bit tacky. Were you confused?  Did you think this was a Wear a Ridiculous dress party?”  . . . . . .

Holli: (unbelieving) You’re going to get so nervous about getting chocolate on your red dress that you start crying? They’ll have napkins. Which you can use to wipe off the chocolate. (lots of big gestures during this rant, build towards yelling loudly at the end)  And if they don’t have any napkins because the country is suddenly suffering from a nation wide shortage of napkins, I will grab some curtains, tear them off the wall and sew you a napkin so you can WIPE THE CHOCOLATE OFF YOUR DRESS!!!!! . . . . . ."

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"World Peace"      new!

2 Females. Age range: 14 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

A hilarious duologue as an increasingly frustrated teen tries to understand how working as a salesgirl can bring about World Peace.  

" . . . . Jessica:  . . . .  I’m nervous.  I hope I filled this out right. Can I  see your application? (Lucy hands it to her. Jessica looks at it very confused)  There’s nothing on here but your name.  You didn’t fill anything out.

Lucy: No, I don’t like to fill things out.  All those blanks are confusing.  And confusion (small pause and then said very sincerely) gives you wrinkles.

Jessica: But you have to fill things out.  What are you even going to say?

Lucy: Oh that’s easy.  I’ll just say Hello, my name is Lucy. (Very earnestly)  I’m here to apply for the role of Fashion Salesgirl.  I believe everyone should wear fashionable clothes.  And I consider it my privilege to help clothe the world fashionably.  And this in turn will lead to world peace.  . . . . . ."

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"Bonding Time It Is"      new!

M/M. Age range: 14 and up. Total Length: Approx. 3-4 minutes.

Harry's parents have become good friends with Finn's parents.  So Harry's Mom would like them to spend some "Bonding Time" together.  It doesn't quite go like Harry's Mom would like.  A great character piece with strong dynamics and emotional levels for both actors.  

" . . . . .Finn: (shows Harry the phone.  Harry’s eyes bug out of his head) I’m watching a seminar on how to create realistic blood splatter.  I’ve been practicing but I need to hone my technique.  

Harry: (unbelieving, horrified)  Hone your technique?

Finn: Yea, my blood splatter technique. . . .  You don’t want a messy corpse on your hands.

Harry: (backing up a couple of steps) No of course not. No one wants a messy corpse.  . . . . .  . .It’s just you read about stuff like that and I thought -----

Finn: (anger building) You thought what?  . . . .  This is an online FX seminar.  I want to work in horror films and zombie movies.  FX means special effects . . . ." 

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